About this blog

I am Emma. I am 30 and live in London.

Woman. Business lady. Mum. Wifey. Chocolate button advocate.

I love to write.

I have an unfinished book that taunts me regularly and until I find time to finish it, I will fulfil my writing desires by publicly humiliating myself by sharing all of the finest comedy content that accompanies the weird, wonderful and at times just damn right ridiculous journey that is motherhood.

I am managing director of The Pineapple Lounge, an insight and ideas agency specialising in research with kids and families. In other words I’m down with the kids and obsessed with connecting and meeting other parents. You can visit TPL here: http://www.thepineapplelounge.com and say hello if you’re a potential client or someone who’d like to be involved in one of our projects.

This is tale of my life, my family and the highs and lows of mixing babies and business whilst eating too many chocolate buttons…


10 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Colleen Phelan says:

    Loved reading this Em it took me back a few years. It’s good to record all those things because you do forget them.Xx

  2. caron andrews says:

    Hi Emma
    You should have started this blog at the beginning of your pregnancy and taken us on the whole journey with you!!! It’s great,i really relate to a lot of it and i look forward to hearing as to when he finally makes an appearance in this weird and wonderful place!! He may even be here by now…keep us posted!! xx

  3. Vicky says:

    I love your blogs Emma! My little boy ‘Charlie’ was born on the 23rd July and I love comparing notes with you!
    Keep them coming.
    Vicky xxxxx

  4. food sales says:

    wow its great post..

  5. Kate says:

    Don’t worry. Once you are on baby number two or more, you will sing nothing else but nursery rhymes including at embarrassing moments like in the middle of a dinner party or when you are supposed to be “professional” at work.
    Thanks for telling me about your blog and hope to visit lots.
    Check mine out if you fancy too but no pressure
    Good to meet you on twitter

    Kate x

  6. Nicola Morgan says:

    Emma your blog is fab!! I was told about it by Stephanie Cowling who is super good friends with my sister Laura Bonas. My baby boy is 7 months now and I can so associate with many of your posts, even though I am 7 months behind you!! Just wondered where did you get Phoenix his car from for his 1st birthday, its fab?!!! Also in his bday pressie pic what is he standing on, a turning plate??? He he he

    Nicola Morgan

    • Hi Nicola! Sorry for slow response! Been away from blogging for a bit. His car is ace! It’s from Argos I think, a pressie from Granny, brill for quick little trips to the park, he causes quite the scene down on the playground scene πŸ™‚ The thing he’s standing on is a trampoline for toddlers. That’s also cool, from ELC called a bubble bouncer xxx

  7. Nicola Morgan says:

    Thanks Emma!!! I LOVE the bouncer, may have to go on the xmas list! Phoenix looks like a real character, how much un you are having! We are having plenty of fun with Fraser too, he is just so cheeky πŸ™‚

  8. Shelley B says:

    Loving the blog. As a fellow mumtrepeneur I recognise all those feelings and more! Good luck with baby number 2 – I stuck at number 1 and in awe of people who go back for a second go! Good luck! Xx

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