There is a house within my house: Sylvanian Families poem


Recently I went to a workshop at The School of Life on generating creativity. One of the exercises we did during the day was to use 15 minutes to do a piece of creative writing about a game we used to play as a child. Obviously I wrote about Sylvanian Familes. Obviously! I was so obsessed with those little creatures, and the single most comforting thought of Indy’s speedy growth out of baby phase is that with every day she edges ever nearer to an age where it’s appropriate to buy her the massive Sylvanian house and kick start her collection. Bring. It. On.

Anyway I thought I would share the poem here as the rest of the group really liked it. It’s a good activity to do if you’re having a creative block or want to flex your creative writing muscles….actually, not everyone in the group liked it. After reading it out, Ben rolled his eyes threw his pen on the floor and said ‘oh for gods sake, you are so annoying’. I’m taking that as a compliment. Enjoy!

Inside my house, there is another house

Within that house there lives a small, tiny, little mouse

There is a family there, living alongside my family

That mouse and its friends have their own special, magic identity

Tiny cups, tiny shoes, tiny beds, tiny spoons

Love, friendship and adventures bought to life by excitable hands

Grandma takes me into the co-op to choose

Heart pounding with joy, I browse the line-up of tiny hearts and minds

I pick a new badger. He’ll fit in a treat

A new member of the family for everyone to meet

This family are special, beautiful and magical

The house is so warm, cosy. Fantastical

Tiny cups, tiny shoes, tiny beds, tiny spoons

I tuck them in, my dad tucks me in

I check they’re safe, my mum checks I’m sleeping

Giant hearts, big love, huge dreams 


One thought on “There is a house within my house: Sylvanian Families poem

  1. Adorable, I love Sylvanian Families!

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