Postcard from Phoenix

I am on HOLIDAY!!!





We are all in Mauritius! Mum says I am lucky to be here because most people have to wait until their honeymoon to come here. But I am here and I am THREE. I’m not sure what a honeymoon is but it sounds BORING!!!

As I am nearly four (and definitely NOT 2) I got my own seat on the plane! EPIC!! iPad, head phones, new series of Ultimate Spider-man and a continual supply of bread rolls. S-WEET!! I fell asleep all across dad and when he woke up he said he’d been in the same position for so long he thought Id twisted his spine for life!! LOL! He is SO OLD!!

Total result on the hotel it is ON THE BEACH! There is ice cream EVERY night and there are lizards everywhere!

One night I threw up all in my plate and on the restaurant floor! Mum carried me back to the room and we both had to get straight in the shower because we were covered in PUKE! Mum said sometimes when you’re a mummy you just get covered in puke. She is SO WEIRD!! Mum says I need to stop splashing in the bath as I swallow the water and also some people told mum they saw me licking the pool water when I was swimming. They are SUCH TELLERS!!!

People in the hotel from other countries keep wanting to have their photo taken with me and Indy!! It is SO SILLY!! A woman did a selfie with me at dinner last night. Mum says it’s because I have beautiful hair and look like an angel but she is SO SILLY because it’s actually because I am Wolverine!! When I do the photos I do a gurning face and stick my bottom lip out. I hope they like the snaps!!

Tonight I ran around the garden growling and scratching the trees and lights with my pretend wolverine claws. Dad told me to try not to scare other guests but I think I saw a lady hiding in a bush.

I went on a BOAT!! And do you know, the bottom was made of GLASS!! It didn’t smash though and we saw all the fish and the coral. PHEW. When mummy went out snorkelling she swam with dolphins. She is BRAVE. They are massive. Friendly but massive.

My daddy took me running. We ran right to another beach and looked at fish and crabs in rock pools. Then we ran back. Daddy is FAST but not as fast as me because I am also Iron Man.

Everyday I like to ask what everyone else is doing that day like going to nursery or work and I laugh about how all I’m going to is make sandcastles and PLAY!!

Holidays are AWESOME!!

Love Phoenix


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