Profile of a six month old


Name: Indiana

Age: 6 months and a bit (its harder to up the weeks these days)

Lives: London

Likes: cuddles, chin tickles, milk, pulling hair, ripping glasses of faces, pooing in the bath, waking up at 5am, walks in the pram, attempting to crawl, bouncing, big brother (phoenix not the show), cuddly bunny, Ella’s Kitchen

Dislikes: having face wiped, the end of a meal (just keep it coming!), not being able to quite crawl (just. can’t. get. there), tops which don’t have poppers and take ages to pull over head, being put to bed by any other human than my mummy, bath time, teeth, not being noticed for any less than 5 seconds

Special move: sitting up then veering backwards and onto belly like some kind of mini sumo gymnast. Heavy and awkward….and yet so skilled and graceful.

Best known expression: brrrrsssspppppsss (imagine a 24 hour raspberry)

Favourite word: bottom (i can’t talk but what ever is good for the big man is good for me)

Best friend: Phoenix

Proudest moment: crapping whilst eating (don’t you just love it when that happens? efficiency)

Best achievement: surviving a whole day being dressed by my dad wearing back to front dress, a boys jumper and clashing leggings. Totes embarrassing.

Dreams: milk filter attached to cot. Breast shaped and pre warmed pillow for nuzzling. Asking Phoenix what the heck he is on about 90% of the time. Playing hide and seek where i don’t have to be in mummys arms standing behind the door but can actually hide somewhere cool.

Favourite animal: bunny

Favourite food: banana porridge

Career ambition: international porridge empire/gymnast

Potential life partner: roger rabbit

Style: varies massively between who dresses me. Either cute, simple, bold, retro or what i describe as ‘back to front boot sale outlet’

Best holiday: I haven’t had one yet! what ARE those guys playing at?! Get me to the beach!

Top tips for surviving being 6 months: just cry for whatever you want, getting up a 5am is a great way to start the day, food is best enjoyed smeared over a surface first and rubbed into your eye sockets before eating, rip out all hair – as soon as you see it, just take it down, be wary of musical toys – smashing them into your head will cause outbursts

Happy baby days folks x


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