Profile of a three year old

IMG_1336Name: Phoenix

Age: 3 and a half

Lives: London

Likes: LEGO, Star Wars, Nutella, aliens, blowing off, making bat-mobiles out of sofa cushions, wiping nose on the floor (how else?), riding bike, hiding, popcorn, christmas, baby sister

Dislikes: shampoo, going to bed, meals that don’t include chocolate, clothes that are not costumes (duh), ‘spiky food’, hoovers, baby sister when interrupting play time

Special move: lying coat on floor putting hands in sleeves and whipping over the top of head thus putting jacket on effortlessly (NB: always complete with cool, smug walk out of house) 

Best known expression: I have a plan….Attack.

Favourite word: Bottom

Best friend: Oliver B (Never forget the B. Even to his face when playing)

Proudest moment: dressing up as an astronaut on ‘victorian day’ at nursery

Best achievement: discovering how to work a whoopee cushion

Dreams: becoming a LEGO master builder, running a shop called ‘Phoenix’s till shop’ selling baked beans and weapons and putting out a fire (preferably at the same time)

Favourite animal: wolverine

Favourite food: chocolate, obvs

Career ambition: full time super-hero

Potential life partner: Cat woman

Style: costume based, Vans cap, DC trainers, star wars boxers, back pack (2 -strapping)

Best holiday: New York (different colour taxis and massive toys shops)

Top tips for surviving being 3: Always say your really hungry to get more food, insist on wearing a costume everywhere you go, hide mums wedding ring under your pillow and watch her really freak her out when she’s looking for it, eat broccoli but draw the line at spinach, tell yourself – it really is ok to watch cars 3000 times on repeat!

Happy pre-school days folks x






3 thoughts on “Profile of a three year old

  1. Jake says:

    Great kid. Is this for kids? I hope he finds his cat woman 🙂

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