One smile to rule them all…

Indy is almost 10 weeks old and time is doing strange things again. Why does it do that when you have kids? She’s growing up so quickly (yep clock the classic mum-ism there did ya?), and my maternity leave is going so quickly, but yet at the same time I can’t seem to remember life without her in it and its like she’s been here forever.

photo[2]I’m not really sure what’s going on, but she’s like some sort of text book baby. She is already sleeping through and this has been going on almost 3 weeks, so it can’t just be a fluke can it? Can it?! She has her last feed around 9.30-10pm, sometimes earlier, and goes through until 5.30am. She then wakes up all nicely, no tears or screams and has another feed then goes straight back to sleep. Is this for actual-real?!

If you are reading this with a new baby and are knackered from sleepless nights, I wholeheartedly apologise for writing this down. I remember all too with with ‘Phoenix guzzle chops’, chatting to mums who would breeze into playgroup with their ‘sleep through photo[1]the night baby robots’. I wanted nothing more than to poke out their un-bagged eyes. So I know it’s annoying to share…but, I’m kind of in blissful shock, so I have to tell someone…well ok, everyone. All Indy does is sleep, smile, cuddle, sleep. It’s heaven, I am having the best time with her. If all babies were like this the population crisis would be far more severe – does that make you feel any better? No? Sorry!

This could well be the last time we have a little baby in the house, Ben is keen for one more in a few years time, but I just don’t think I can do another pregnancy. Plus if we carry on living in London we’ll never afford a house to keep them all in. I keep threatening him with the snip, that’s a fun new game.

It’s kind of sad this could be my last time with a little baby at home; I just want to treasure every moment. With Phoenix, when I look back I feel like we were in a bit of a hurry to get to the next stage, so eager to either to get through a tricky period or too excited to reach a new development milestone. At times it was a bit like ‘survival of the stages’, looking towards the next one, but with Indy I just want her to be a baby for as long as possible. I just love having a little baby, she’s SO adorable!

photo[3]So as this may be the last time I’m in the baby years (boo hoo!) I wanted to try and capture on here what it’s like when you see your baby smile for the first time, so in case I ever forget I will have it logged!…

It has to be one of the most amazing feelings ever, possibly even as or more impressive and amazing than when you actually produce one from your nether regions. Seeing that little person look at you and acknowledge your existence and love for the first time ever is just well…perfection.

I still remember Phoenix’s first smile, it was in the morning, he was always really smiley first thing in the morning and Indy is too. Ben was about to leave for work and he was in a little rocker chair, I was talking to him and then this huge grin just burst across his face. We photowere so excited and proceeded to shove our iphones in his face for about the next 10 mins to get recorded, ha 🙂

Indy smiled super early, I know the books say they can’t physically smile until 6 weeks, but I’m calling them out, she defo smiled at around 4-5 weeks, in my arms, straight into my eyes. So beautiful. The first smile is like talking to them for the first time; it’s a hello, it’s I love you, it’s I’m here for you and I always will be all rolled up into one gorgeous little grin. Both times I felt tears and even writing this is making me feel emotional, it is just really really special. Kind of a bit possible to write down really, but hopefully when she’s a teen and yelling at me for confiscating her iphone or ieyes or whatever it is by then, I can come back here and remember those first smiles, the time when we said hello and I love you and remember how whatever happens there is an unbreakable connection between parent and child that life can’t stop…and then I’ll give back the phone, just to make life that little bit easier 🙂

night all x

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