Impending arrival (everyone panic!)

Ems_MaternityThe babycentre app told me today there are 37 days to go until Phoenix mark ii arrives. 37 days?! What? We are now counting down in days?! Holy Smoke I feel very unprepared. Usually Ben keeps me updated with the baby app news: “oh my app says you’ll have more energy this week” (smash), “my app says you may be feeling emotional about your changing body” (bash), “oh the app says you should drink some more fluids” (scream)….bloody app. And now its counting in days not even weeks and who didn’t warn me about that?! The lord of the app himself! I flicked on there today to check where I was at and there it was: “37 days to go!” it said. I could just imagine it going ‘whoop! you’re almost there, keep going! oo isn’t this just SO exciting’ in an annoying American accent.

37 days. And possibly less due that fact that baby has been engaged and bumping up against the cervix for weeks now. It feels like it could just fall out at any moment. I really hope it doesn’t….I have 3 more presentations to complete before I can let loose – as much I love my job I’d rather not be the first person to give birth in the girls loo. That would be a commitment too far.

I’ve had far less patience with this pregnancy, I am less tolerant and I apologise in advance to said unborn child and my husband. Last time I loved it. I felt untouchable. Maybe that was because life wasn’t so hectic; I didn’t have a Phoenix or business in the picture then so opportunities to relax and indulge more in it were much more readily available. This time from about 6 months the whole thing has just been massively inconvenient! Getting the tube is pain, trying to do things quickly is not possible, running after Phoenix is exhausting and multi tasking projects at work is like asking my brain to work out in the gym 24/7. Last time I was able to sail through pretty much effortlessly, this time round I feel like my body has said ‘do you know what, I’m a bit screwed from last time round, I served you well then but I’m shot to bits. Over to you on this one love”. Brilliant. I am you, you freaking bitch!

I’m at that stage where I can’t see my feet and bending over is painful as well as amusing for those observing. The baby is so strong that when it moves it physically jolts me, it’s a feisty one that’s for sure! And its so bloody hot! OMG! What the hell is it with my pregnancies and heat waves. We only have good summers when I am massively pregnant I swear this is an actual solid fact. And no as much I love you for visiting my blog I am not going to be your ‘summer weather guarantee’, enough with the swollen fingers and ankles already.

I should stop moaning now and say something nice, cause that’s what people expect isn’t phoenixfrom a mum to be. Well I am genuinely excited, I can’t wait to have another baby. Phoenix is such a big boy, he’s like a proper human child who tells jokes and everything, his latest classic being putting a sponge in-between his legs in the bath to hide his bits and shouting “look, where’s my willy?!”. Classic. It’s my favourite age by a mile, he’s adorable, but hard work and starting to realise he’s the only kid around and is learning how to play the parenting system to his advantage. A sibling in the house is going to be a welcome reality check and I reckon he’ll have his moments but will be really into it when the time comes (famous last words? Most likely).

And another nice thing to end on is that this pregnancy has made me realise how amazing my husband actually is. It would be impossible for me to do all the things I do without him, he is actually awesome. And despite sometimes wondering if he is on the planet when he comes out with classics such as this one at the pool this weekend: “Is it ok for me to use the loo in the family changing room if I don’t actually have a kid with me?”, I am truly grateful for his humour, support and fantastic parenting skills with Phoenix. There are no recent Phoenix films to post but I did ask Ben ‘what are you going to do now Phoenix is older and is more aware you’re making all these films?”

To which there was a rather ‘duh, obvious question’ one word response.


Oh christ. No wonder this one is me is keen to get out, he/she has lines to learn by the time they turn 3.




One thought on “Impending arrival (everyone panic!)

  1. HonestMum says:

    Oh you look fab and love Phoenix’s joke-definitely start the line learning! Hope the birth goes well and you get some air con in hospital!

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