The storm before the calm

I am going on holiday tomorrow. The Martin crew are shipping our tired selves out to Bali for some R&R and lots of water based outdoor fun. I know, lucky aren’t we, but don’t feel too jealous; I’ve earned this holiday this week in hard cold stress. It has been the most ridiculous week of my life. I swear someone out there doesn’t want us to go!

I will be blogging from the poolside of our villa (sorry) to share what will be my first holiday experience as a mum. I can’t really get past the flight bit. Until that’s over I can’t think of anything else. Phoenix has grown up so much in the last month. He has lots of words, is cheeky, mischievous and always so ‘busy’. He’s such a little boy who needs energy burning all the time. Most mornings now start with me in my pjs getting his breakfast with him bringing his shoes to me saying ‘park! park! park! mummy park!’ – erm, no. It’s 6am, it’s dark, we’re both in our pyjamas, let’s get real here…’park?’

So the concept of taking part in any activity with phoenix that involves sitting down for 15 mins let alone 15 hours fills me with horror. But, let’s not get into that until I relive the hell with you all in the next post. Instead let’s relive what has got to be the worst start to a holiday ever…

Sunday – 7 days till holiday

I lose my passport. Yep. Gone. In my manic rush to get all my christmas shopping done before the holiday I had parcels turning up everyday last week. It as like I was running my own elf workshop (sponsored by Amazon). So on saturday before I went off to a Hen Do I rushed to pick some of my goods up. There was a gigantic queue in the post office. I had my passport in my pocket and Phoenix on my hip as no buggies allowed in this one. I didn’t realise quite how busy the Amazon elves had been so I had to juggle a baby and boxes on the way out. Somewhere on the walk home between baby, boxes coats on and off I obviously dropped the passport. What an idiot. On Sunday I realised it had gone and spent the whole night crying as I thought I wouldn’t be able to go (emergency passport are not given to those who’ve lost them – alright no need to rub it in!). The next morning on my way to work I thought I’d check the police station just in case and there it was. I was so relieved I cried at the police officer. He didn’t look impressed not even with a whining ‘I’m going on holiday, sniff, on Sunday and I thought, sniff, I wasn’t going to be able to go. Sniff’. ‘Yes, lovely, sign there please love’.

Monday – 6 days till holiday

Projectile vomit. Phoenix is struck down with baby bug. I was working late so obviously felt terrible when I got all the texts about poorly P. Rushing home I found a floppy little mite with the shivers and a temperature. It’s always so dramatic when babies are ill and of course a restless exhausting night followed. I had so much on at work but I had to take the next morning off to be around to make sure he was ok. Ben was also somewhat shell shocked as he was the receiver of the projectile. I’m pretty sure the words ‘horror film’, ‘not real’ and ‘CGI’ were used in his description of the events and possibly even ‘it went in mouth’….quite the parenting initiation, and I know this is bad but it did cheer me up a bit. hahahahaha.

Friday – two days to holiday

I get an ear infection. What the hell. How is this happening? Friday at work I’m sitting at my desk tying up my loose ends when I blow my nose (I’ve had a cold all week of course) when my ear kind of pops. The pain gets worse and worse until the point when I get on tube and am going deeper into the underground I just snivel into coat and clutch my ear like a deranged crack addict (obviously no one even glances up, quite normal behaviour on the tube). By 10pm I am in absolute agony and have to get the hospital for emergency drugs, where I whimper in the waiting room and do more controlled breathing than I think i did in labour. I was terrified my ear drum was burst and I wouldn’t be able to fly. I’ve never had an ear infection before. I hope to never have one again.

So there we have it a big stressful storm with hopefully a calm sunny spell to follow…well after the flight that is 🙂 Stay tuned folks! x

P.S here’s my review of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One (Ben made me add this to promote his film blogging site ‘Slump at the Pump Film Reviews’, I felt bad for laughing that he got puked on, so here it is, a big Slumpy plug, check it: 


5 thoughts on “The storm before the calm

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    sounds like need you break enjoy!!!!

  2. lliW says:

    Bali? Are you mad? We’ve had arguments over whether Spain is too far. Two and a half hours with a tantrumming toddler seems deeply unappealing to me. It was bad enough on the M62 today. That endless whining noise, like a baby goat in pain. You know the noise, I’m sure.15 hours? Good luck to all of you. And find some relaxation somehow.

  3. Ooooh how exciting, have a fab time. I will be looking forward to hearing how it goes, we are planning on driving down to Spain in Feb when Iyla is 15 months – will be on a ferry for 24 hours then a van for 9 hours! Have fun x

  4. Just realised the ‘have fun’ sounded really sarcastic! I didn’t mean it like that, you will be fine! x

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