Holy molars!

I would say the last few weeks of motherhood have been pretty tough for me. Phoenix has had a whole string of restless nights and as per my last post (remember the sleep rule? Never get it back? That old friend?) I am knackered!

His molars have been cutting through and causing a right old stir. The first few teeth didn’t really cause much of an issue so I was lulled into a false sense of tooth like security. During pregnancy I developed an abnormally over the top fear of teething – ‘what about when his teeth come?! How will I ever cope with a baby and with teeth! The crying how will I stop the crying! Ouch! Teeth! How will I cope?!…if I only knew there’d be SO much more to worry about before that! On my due date I went to the dentist. I realise it’s probably not everyone’s top due date destination but I had a wisdom tooth on the move and it was agony. I remember thinking if that’s hurting me a (quite literally) full grown woman with a fairly high pain threshold, how must it feel for a little one with a mouth full of them?! I hyped up the teething in my head to be so horrifically awful that when the first one kind of just popped out like a sneaky little blow off, it was almost a let down. But now that the molars are on their way into the world of Phoenix’s mouth, I’m starting to feel that my initial teething phobia was more than just! They’ve been a nightmare, in fact I looked at one the other day when he was crying and clinging to me like a limpet for over an hour, and it was cutting through so hard it was bleeding! Ouch! Teeth! And no I can’t cope!

The clingyness really grinds me down. And this is stemmed from both the teething and
just general 14 month fussiness. Some days he just festers over me. He won’t let me do anything, he wants to picked up then realises it’s boring, then wants to get down, then wants to be picked up etc etc etc. I’m sure you’ve all been there, it’s exhausting. It’s particularly jacked up a notch now he’s become a little person and can communicate a bit and work things out. He knows that in the mornings various things happens – Granny might be there, or he might get taken to nursery (aka baby jail by his drop off reactions) or some times the nanny comes. Phoenix has had a nanny one day a week since he was 5 months and he loves her. In fact sometimes I’d come home from work and be completely underwhelmed by the attention he’d pay to my entrance due to his focus on being on the nanny. Yes, I.m delighted he’s happy and she’s great, but I was like, come on, move over mumma’s home now! But recently this is all change, when she turns up at the door now he screams the place down as he knows I’m outta there. He’s always fine 2 mins after I leave, but it’s quite a stressful start to the commute to the office. Despite this, there a small part of me that turns looks at nanny and screams ‘in your face!’ I know, I know, I’ve become so mature since becoming a mum.

And then there are the times when we’re together as a family. Ahhh, family days, that’s
what having babies is all about right? Those picture perfect moments picnicing in the park? Relaxing retreats the country? Erm, no. Our family days at the phase he’s in right now can be a bloomin disaster. When Phoenix is on his own with Daddy he’s all about the cuddles and hi-5s, but when I’m around, every time he picks him up he looks at me and cries like Ben is going to take him away forever. It’s for want of repeating myself, but alluding to an important theme of this – exhausting. I feel really sorry for Ben when he’s like that, who just wants to play with his hi-fiving little dude but is greeting with a mummy fester pet. Sigh. It’s just a phase, it’s just phase…

So if any of this is ringing any bells with anyone out there, and from my brief survey of mums with tots in this age bracket I’m guessing so, I’ve generated a list of rules for looking after your very own mummy fester pet. They are not for the faint hearted but abiding by them will make your fester pet a happy baby. Not you of course, but that’s not important these days is it?

1) You must never go to the toilet alone. Don’t even think about it. You cannot complete any activity that involves you being behind a closed door.

2) Don’t look at your phone, answer it, send a text, anything. It will get snatched, thrown on the floor and smashed.

3) You cannot eat. Unless your willing to share to the begging dog, ahem, child at your knees.

4) If you attempt to do any housework you will be punished for the lack of attention by the housework being undone. Put on the washing? Buttons will be pressed to stop the cycle. Cleaned the floor? Cheese will be pressed in between the tiles etc etc

5) You must not visit any shops unless you will allow fester pet to run around the shop to his own accord or carry him the whole way round whilst loading things into your basket in the other hand. You must then keep a civilised smiling face when other carers of said fester pet talk about how well behaved he is on shopping trips.

Good luck, may the motherhood force be with you!!


4 thoughts on “Holy molars!

  1. Honest Mum says:

    Mine has turned into a total Daddy’s boy over the last few months so enjoy the clingyness, it might not last!

  2. Expat Mammy says:

    I’m feeling your pain, we have molars coming too, he’s turned into demon child at times

  3. Oh god this has scared me because Iyla is that bad already and she is only on her 6th front tooth. I can’t do anything, she moans when I hold her and moans when I put her down. It is exhausting – bloody teeth. They ruin everything and why can’t they all just come through at once?! It would be hell but would be better than dragging it out over years! Hope they come through soon for you! x

  4. Denise Brinicombe says:

    Unfortunately childhood is full of “phases” some unfortunately are worse than others:( hang on in there Emma!

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