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I realise that it is somewhat ironic to be blogging about blogging. It’s kind of like when I went to the google offices and googled it on google maps and thought I might cause a world wide googlfied digital melt down. I didn’t I just found the office (it was pretty much in front of me). But I hope a blog post on blogging doesn’t blow your mind too much. I wanted to write about this because my whole experience with blogging has been fascinating and tomorrow morning I will join 400 other mums at a whole conference organised just for mummy bloggers – Cybermummy 2011. In the space of 12 months I’ve transformed from thinking blogs were self-indulgent and written by weirdos to buying myself a ticket to attend a conference with 400 others who do it and here’s why…

When you break it down, a blog is an odd concept. Why would you want to share so much of your life and thoughts in such an open space that any one can access? Why is there a need to make it so public? Why bother? It’s a good question and one I’ve asked myself many times especially in those moments when I’ve been to work, been a mum, been a wife and am knackered. But I still insist on spending another hour before sleep tit tattling it all up and embedding it into my ‘online story’ Why? For me there are a couple of reasons why I enjoy blogging. First and foremost the motivation is in the writing. I love words. Writing. Reading, can’t get enough. I have started three books and finished none but I have kept this blog up now for almost a year. With every blog post I publish I get a small taste of the sense of pride and achievement I can only imagine accompanies finishing a whole book. The second reason why I blog is because I find it liberating. To have a platform where you can say what you want and how you feel and share all this with others is a great vessel, and somehow it just wouldn’t be the same doing it in private (that came out wrong 🙂 There are emotions and moments I can capture on here and share with my family and friends that I would never have the time or ability to do in quite the same way. I like to think everyone’s aboard the ‘Phoenix train’ with this blog, and it’s fun ride to take. From my nan to my best mates, mums I’ve never met and fellow mummy bloggers, it’s quite special to share this experience.

I used to think blogs were self-indulgent. I still think blogs are self-indulgent. However I no longer think this a negative or shameful thing. It is in fact the whole point. It may seem self-indulgent to write about your own life in great detail and publish it in a public space, but you are not forcing anyone to read it, you’re not asking anyone to come back for more, you’re blog could go unnoticed, but when someone does visit, when someone stops to say hello and when someone comes back it is, well, lovely. It’s touching that my life, my blabberings, my pictures are interesting to other people. I never expected to become so immersed within the blogging ‘scene’ but it’s been a great experience…

Sorry just pausing to just repeat a converation between Ben and I:

B: What you blogging about?

E: Blogging


B: What is this, the MAtrix? If you’re blogging about blogging god knows what’s going to happen to the world.

I digress… I have been astounded by how many mummy blogs there are out there. At first when I stumbled into this lively, funny, inspiring and touching digital ‘mother’s meeting’, it blew me away. I was actually a bit put off at first as everyone seemed to be best friends on Twitter and there were some truly stunning pieces of writing out there. I felt like I was gate crashing a party that I wasn’t invited to. But of course everyone is invited. I would say I am relatively quiet on the scene, I watch from the sidelines and admire from a far, mainly because I just don’t have time to get involved as much as I sometimes like and although I do love virtual life and digital worlds I do try and spend more time in the real world when I can. So I still haven’t done my blog roll, I still haven’t had chance to tell all the bloggers I read how great they are, I haven’t added my facebook and twitter badge, I still haven’t done my Cybermummy meet and greet etc etc…But these blogs that I feel privileged to read on the number 1 bus, these beautiful, coloured stained glass windows into people’s lives are in their own funny digital modern way, simply…timeless. And this is my dedication to them all. I hope to make up for my quietness when I see you tomorrow at Cybermummy….and if you’re a regular, first time or last time reader of my blog, hello and thankyou for visiting 🙂

Here’s a video of Phoenix at Deen City Farm, a lovely place to visit, I liked the ducks the best:

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2 thoughts on “‘Muther Blogger’

  1. actuallymummy says:

    Hello, nice to have found you via Britmums. I know what you mean about the twitter party – it feels a bit intimidating to begin with, but someone told me to just gatecrash and you’d be allowed it! But it does take up inordinate amounts of my time – the whole thing gets a bit obsessive sometimes, but I can’t stop! After Cybermummy I was up till 2 every night 🙂

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