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Sometimes people say ‘wow, he’s changed so much in just two weeks‘ and I’ll want to know every single detail about what they mean because I haven’t been able to tell.  I’ll revisit the conversation as many times as I can get away before sounding like an obsessive mother – ‘what do you mean he has more hair? …erm, he has more hair?… How many strands? HOW MANY STRANDS?!’ And then there’s other times when I feel like I can literally see him growing in front of my eyes. This week has been one of those weeks. Since Monday he’s suddenly become a whole new breed of baby. His physique seems more toddler than baby, he only needs one hand to help walk (he goes round in circles with one hand but still), he’s putting his feet down properly when he takes  steps, his crawling speed is off the crawl-o-metre, he can open doors, search for things when they disappear under the sofa, find the on/off button on toys AND he comes over for real hugs and kisses, ahhhh the best reward a mummy can get (the kisses are a kind of open wide wet mouth launched at my nose, but again lets not get fussy). 

And, just a week after my post about his lack of interest in toys, lo and behold he finally gets into his toys. The wooden jigsaw has been a big hit this week, not so much actual jigsawing but tipping all the pieces out onto the floor seems to cause much amusement. He’s also been enjoying the wooden peg thing and the thing where the animals pop up by pressing a button (sorry those are the worst descriptions ever, good job I write this blog and not the Argos catalogue). So after his 360 with toys in the space of just one week, I have come to rather sensible and grown up conclusion that this is a magic blog where by I write baby related issues and it fixes them. So lets put it to the test and see what this thing can do…

1) About 1 in 8 sleeps Phoenix wakes up at crazy o’clock and refuses to go back to sleep. it puts his whole routine out of whack and is generally annoying for all parties. Go magic blog go!

2) We’ve got squeals. Last week he discovered that people look at him by making high pitched loud squeals. It’s getting more frequent. He does it when he’s excited, when he’s bored, when he’s sad, when he’s hungry, when he’s full….it seems to be the general method of communication for all things Phoenix related. Needless to say it’s not my highlight of motherhood thus far. Especially on public transport. Magic blog, for the love of god, do your buisness!

3) We’ve had a bit of a slow start with the finger food. I’ve noticed that he will happily pick up ‘hard’ things and eat them – snacks etc but he wont pick up and eat more ‘wet’ things like carrots or egg and soldiers etc. I’m sure it’ll come but, magic blog if you’d like to help that would be great.


Well I’ll let you know how that goes next week. In the meantime if you have any tips related to the above then add them to the comments like real magic! 

Back to toys: I recommend everyone goes and gets themselves a Bilibo. I am love with these things. It’s a very simple concept, a bright, colourful shape designed to stimulate kids imagination. They can pretend to be a turtle, spin in them, jump on them (they won’t break!) sit and read in them, take them in the bath, use them as a den for other toys, anything, they are totally wicked, fully recyclable and will last years, yay! I am a massive fan of the notion behind the playing being left to kids’ imaginations rather than a prefixed story. They’re designed for 2 – 7 year olds but after the success of the measuring jug I thought Phoenix would love an inanimate plastic object. I was right, he fits in it snuggly and laughs when you spin him around. It’s also a handy place to chuck a load of toys at the end of a play session and I welcome all storage solutions these days. So go forth and spread and Bilibo your house! You can get them on Amazon and Firebox for £17.99. (FYI Bilibo have not sponsored me to write this, but Bilibo if you are reading I’ll gratefully receive the rest of your products, they also look cool…you know, just saying.)

Over and out x

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