Weaning stage…..ummmm???

The thing that gets me confused about babies is that there’s no real guidelines as to when to move the next stage. There’s no one who tells you when to do something different and as every baby is different it can make it even more confusing when you talk to other mums about what they do. I have recently been a bit puzzled about portions. From the very first time we started giving him solids, I found portion control quite tough to work out, especially once an ‘ice cube’ amount is no longer enough. Ben took him to get weighed a few weeks a go, he’s average, but he came home with news from the health advisor that we should be trying to cut out the third bottle in the afternoon. This was news to me. I hadn’t even thought about it. You get into a settled routine don’t you? And then kind of forget that you have to keep changing with them. So we cut that out, it was actually really easy, I don’t think he really needed it and he just has a snack instead. So now he has a bottle when he wakes up, one at 11am and then one before bed.

We’ve had a bit of phase of tough bed times recently. Usually he goes to sleep after his night milk really peacefully and quietly but recently there’s been all sorts of faffing around. And faffing is the perfect word to describe what goes on up there. He’s clearly very tired and wants to go to sleep, but puts us all through a parade of standing up in the cot, crying when I leave the room, crawling to the other end of the cot and then looking confused as to how he ended up there, dummy in, dummy out etc etc. I’m putting it down to a bit of 9 month clingyness and I’m wondering if he could possibly still be a bit hungry?  The purees of fruit and veg stopped being enough a while back but I had a bit of a who-ha trying to get him to eat other stuff. We did get there after a few attempts – the toast, the pasta and the egg were all rejected on tries one and two, but by try three they were on the menu. So in attempt to get back to civilised bed times I’ve now started giving him a pudding after dinner too (when I say pudding I mean fruit puree, in case you thought I was shoving cream cake down him). Hmmmmm, there seemed to be slightly less faffing during this evening’s bed time, but we’ll see. 

I think this portion control debacle is something that will go on for a while. Do you remember that Change for Life ad where there was a plasticine mum shovelling mash onto the plate of her plasticine child? I live in fear of becoming that plasticine mum (that’s a lot of times to write and read the word plasticine. Doesn’t seem like a real word does it? Plasticine, plasticine, plasticine). I sometimes feel like Phoenix would eat every time I tried to feed him, so long as he liked it of course, so how are you supposed to know if he’s really hungry or just being greedy? I’m not really worried or anything as he spends all day rushing around like a maniac and as I said he’s normal weight, but it is a bit of a tough one to gauge, especially when snacks are a god send. Now he can do the whole finger food thing it’s awesome, he can actually be kept entertained sitting in his high chair with a few of those Organix carrot giant wotsit things while I get all my jobs done. And if he starts getting bored when out and about in his pram one of those Plum baby spelt thingies keep him amused for ages. So snacks are good, but how many is too many? I tend to give him a yoghurt mid morning and then breadsticks in the afternoon. But if he’s hungry I just give him bits of fruit and he’s also started to have a nibble on most things I’m eating too….

Well this is all food for thought (sorry couldn’t resist) I guess like with most things, you just do what you think is best which of course is usually right. Mum is always right, god I love that rule. So I’ll leave you with Phoenix’s fourth motion picture, Phoenix + Summer, which was shot at a BBQ over Easter at Phoenix’s Uncle’s house – we are loving the weather and the long weekends! They have a hot tub over there which wasn’t on and was the perfect temperature and size for Phoenix to show off his splish sloshing skills, a very lovely day! I must however apologise for the weird bit in the middle of the vid when Ben filmed a convertible BMW putting the roof up and down so he could make it seem like a transformer in the video. Sigh, rolls eyes. Sorry guys, I only have creative control over the writing on this thing, the videos are Ben’s forte, what can you do hey?….boys!  Enjoy!

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One thought on “Weaning stage…..ummmm???

  1. Kirsty says:

    I just let E tell me when he’s full. He’ll eat more yoghurt even if he’s full of veg, but when he starts playing with his biscuit or turning down yoghurt, then I figure he’s full!!

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