The virus and the new house

Oh my blog! Soooooo long since I have updated you with life in the Martin household, gosh you must be dying to know what you’ve missed! What, no?! Oh, I see! Well I’ll tell you anyway and hopefully give you a giggle in the process…

This week the black cloud has finally lifted from us after a tough old couple of weeks. It all started a couple of Saturdays back when I gave Phoenix his first bottle of the day and he projectile vomitted it back right into my lap. A pile of steaming vomit in the lap? What a lovely way to kick off the weekend, I thought. I didn’t think too much of it, puke happens. Fact. But then the diarrhoea started, and the first round actually made me heave, it was really rank…and it kept coming…and coming…and coming for 6 days! I took him to the doctors after day 2 and they suspected a virus that had been doing the rounds. As it’s the first time he’s been ill since birth I obviously did the only natural thing I could do = become completely hysterical about the whole situation. What’s that old expression? ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’? I think I’ll write it for new mums: ‘panic and stop everything you’re doing. He’s such a action boy these days it was quite upsetting and shocking to see him so quiet, floppy and clingy. Obviously I lapped up all the extra cuddles, but I wished so much that I could take the illness away from him and onto myself. Hmmmm, be careful what you wish for there Emma. By day five I took him back to the docs who said the same but did a stool test. By now he’d started to lose weight and the wet nappies I was looking out for were far and few between so not much fluid was staying put despite the Diralytes I was pumping in. It was like having a new born again, up all night changing nappies and settling him. In fact the only thing that would keep him calm was watching Ratatouille on Ben’s iphone, which obviously he was allowed to do whenever he wanted to that damn rat cooking! (I never could get into that film; a rat cooking? My imagination is pretty vivid but I couldn’t get past that one)

This same week was also uber busy work wise, for both me and Ben. As we’re both freelancers we can’t just not go to work as we won’t get paid, but also there isn’t really any one else who can do our jobs for us, so on day 6 I had to go off to do some research in Nottingham. It was hell. I had to leave Phoenix with our nanny, and I felt like the worst mum in the world ever and cried most of the way there. I find it quite amazing that the whole time I was looking after him myself I didn’t get ill; it was like my body knew I had to prioritise him and postpone catching the virus. But the moment I got on that train, boom, I was struck right down. My job as a researcher means I often go into people’s homes and chat to them about different stuff. By my second session I was feeling properly awful, but I put on my game face and got on with it. All was ok until one of the women started to cook her children sausages. Ugh. The smell flooded my nostrils and my mouth watered with a vile taste. I went off to the loo just in time to violently vomit pints and pints of puke (sorry), well I guess it made a change it was me puking for once. God it was awful, a real low point. Although I had managed to make the loo, I’d somehow managed to only throw up in the toilet and down my trousers. So I then had to call up the woman who’s house it was for ‘help’. God knows what she thought she was going to find up there when a random researcher called for help from her bathroom! She was very sweet and lent me trousers and pointed me in the direction of the bleach. So there I was in a strangers joggers bottoms (which I must point out were a size 8 – glamourous look, I think not and a badly timed reminder I need to get in the gym more), scrubbing her bathroom with bleach. I thought to myself ‘woman, your life is literally ridiculous!’

I made it back to London and spent the rest of the night playing toilet relay with Ben. On the Friday I had to go into work again in the am and then finally got to go home and collapse in virus shaped heap. Oh, and did I mention we were moving house the next day? Arggghhhhh!

I won’t go on about the moving day, but, if there is a hell, I’m pretty sure that was close to it. Moving with the runs having had no time or energy to pack or organise. It gives me the shudders thinking back to it. BUT, we are in our new home, we are all in tip top condition, and we are LOVING our new house. Yes a house, in London! A house. In London. A whole house…in London!! With an upstairs, a garden and a loft! I know! A whole house! Yes, IN LONDON! It is life changing and Phoenix is so happy with his new space and range of new things to bite and destroy.

Below is a little video of Phoenix waking up his new room and enjoying his new home. I’m sorry I abandoned this blog for a while but hopefully you can forgive me after that tale! 😉 Ems x

Watch ‘Good Morning Phoenix’ here:

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3 thoughts on “The virus and the new house

  1. caron andrews says:

    What a gorgeous little man Emma! Congratulations on your new pad…Phoenix’s room looks very cool…he’s one lucky boy! Jamie is loving school and is now learning tricks on a skateboard which is very cool but very nerve wracking to watch! Uncle Addicott will be very proud of him when he next visits..Take care and keep up the blog.xx

  2. caron andrews says:

    Sorry…..just realised that i used this comment box as more of a message to you box!! I think you should let Phoenix explore each room in your house so we get a good look round your new abode in…??????? Oh yeah……LONDON!!!! Well done you guys.x

  3. Kirsty Baird says:

    Hey Emma, that is the most gorgeous movie clip – LOVE IT ! Pheonix is just gorgeous and looks so cuddly! Glad he’s got over his horrible virus – looks like a perfect picture of health in video.
    Fab . Kirsty x

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