Baby grooming

Hopefully that wasn’t a misleading title – clearly this is not a post about trying to chat to babies on the internet. It’s actually about how much effort there is behind keeping our cuties so cute! I used to take baby gorgeousness for granted assuming their cuteness was part of being a baby. Not quite it seems. I’ve been surprised at how many different things I find myself doing to keep Phoenix in tip top condition. I’d thought I’d write them here to highlight my tips and also hopefully pick up some more on the ones I find more tricky…

Talons – jeeze those finger and toes nails grow so quickly I sometimes wonder if I’ve given birth to Wolverine. I feel like no sooner have tackled them, they’re back scratching my face off. When Phoenix was born his nails were so jagged they were leathal. He was so tiny I didn’t have a steady enough hand to even attempt clipping them so I gave him a manicure instead with a soft nail file. When the midwife saw what I was doing she laughed at me and said “well that’s a first, I’ve never seen that before, good job he wasn’t a girl or you’d be painting them” – what really?! I find it hard to believe she’s never seen a mum using a nail file on a baby? It seems fairly obvious to me. It’s only been this week that I’ve felt like he’s robust enough to get the nail clippers on him so I’ve been trimming them good and proper. Snip Clip Clip! Only problem now is that he wants to hold them, which is always a problem when I’m trying to use them on his hands in the first place!

Barnet – it was quite a while before I properly washed Phoenix’s hair with shampoo. I genuinely just forgot because he didn’t grow much for a while and it was so fine it didn’t really feel necessary to wash it. It wasn’t until one day when he was sitting on my lap that I yelped in horror when I spotted two tiny dreadlocks had appeared on his neck! Oh my god, it’s Bob Marley’s love child, no one told me this would happen! Quick to the bath! Now I wash it about once a week (I still don’t think it’s that necessary but fear that he’ll start reaching for the spliffs if I’m not careful) and I use Burt’s Baby Bees shampoo. If you haven’t tried it I would suggest you do. Afterwards I just sit and sniff his head; it is heaven. I realise that if Phoenix reads that in the future he may think that last sentence odd, but Phoenix you do have a truly munchable head.

Scales – baby’s skin is so sensitive and fragile. I’m currently battling a bout of dry skin all over his back and don’t seem to be having luck with getting it to budge 😦 I think it’s going to need a trip to the docs as I noticed a few patches spreading to his legs too. I don’t think its eczema but it’s worse than just normal dry skin. It was really weird, it just flared up suddenly and won’t go away. I’ve changed the washing liquid, cut down on baths and have been applying gallons of aqueous cream. I’m having a break from the swimming pool too, so would like to get to the bottom of it soon as he loves a splish splosh. I doesn’t seem to be bothering him though which is a relief.

Lug holes – I know this maybe a bit odd but I had such a satisfying moment with Phoenix’s ears when he a few week old with his ears. You know babies are born covered in that, what’s it called vermicelli, no that’s a type of noodle…vernix, that’s the stuff! I remember going around his ear with a cotton bud (not inside, just the outside bit!) and getting all that vernix stuff out. Afterwards his ears looked so lovely and shiny! I find that little balls of wax naturally come to the surface so I always get them out too but only when they are right at the edge. Ok I’m feeling very paranoid that I’ve presented myself as a cotton bud yielding maniac. For the record, I do not stick anything in Phoenix’s ears! Phew, glad we got that sorted out, no need to alert the services just yet.

Nashers – ahhhh I love brushing his new little teeth! He’s thinks it’s a right treat. I use one of those soft ones that goes over your finger – obviously I like to pretend this a finger puppet and conduct a full performance but he’s not quite into that yet. He will be don’t worry.  I don’t really know how it started but whenever I brush his teeth when Ben’s around we start saying ‘shhh, shhh, Phoenix, teeth brushing time. Family secret, it’s a family secret’ and we all find this very funny, I think it started because I bought him a girls sleeping bag (it was an awesome quality one in the sale, couldn’t resist, he’ll never know) and now the secret has extended to the toothbrush too. Well it’s not a secret any more, it’s on the bloody internet, Phoenix gets his teeth brushed and loves it! Whoop!

Last week I put up a request on my Facebook page for article ideas that anyone was interested in reading about so as of next blog I’m starting writing up some of those great suggestions (running out of ideas? Moi!? Never!) which will be as listed below. If you have any more please add to the comments box below!

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4 thoughts on “Baby grooming

  1. Kirsty says:

    I use aveeno baby moisturizer on Eamonn once a day (night time baby massage) which started as he had awful skin around 3 months old. Cleared it up a treat. Kind of red bobbly scaly skin, if that makes sense.
    Re the blog – daddy bonding, now Phoenix is a bit more interactive.

  2. I will try that thanks Kirsty, and good suggestion too x

  3. Hi Emma- love this post 🙂 Especially the lug holes bit! I remember it well even though my two are 17 and 13 now.

    We sell quite a lot of baby perfume in our gift boutique:

    I wasn’t sure about it at first but it sells well and isn’t really ‘perfume’ per se.

    If you would like any content/ articles we have quite a lot in our blog plus you might like the mummy boutique section of our site xx

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