He’s on the move

When Phoenix was born I kindly asked him for just one thing – if he could hold off on crawling until the lease was up on our flat and we could move him into somewhere bigger and more baby safe. Last weekend he point blankly refused to adhere to this request; this does not bode well for future rule setting. He’s on the move. Hold onto your hats…

He’s been up on all fours for a while now and kind of rocking backwards and forwards, but every time he tried to go forward he would face plant the floor. But last Saturday he was going completely nuts about my laptop bashing it, giggling at it and trying to eat it. I wondered how far he’d go to get a piece of laptop action and lo and behold when I put it at the end of the rug, he crawled right across to it. We then starting experimenting and tried to get him crawl without the motiviation of the laptop. I wondered what else would make him go…applause? No. Food? No. Toys? No. ipad? Yes. iphone? Yes. So there we have it, I have a child that will only crawl for Apple products. Techno baby has landed.

Over the last few days he has however discovered that crawling can have its benefitswithout the promise of technological goods and he’s all over the place. I am constantly pulling him out from under the coffee table and his favourite new game is to knock over all of Ben’s blu-rays or vinyl collection (I can see the temptation).

For some reason now he’s mobile it feels like I’m now a new kind of mum. Life has become a lot more noisy, messy and frantic as I run around like a loon after him. Gone are the softly, softly, gentle new born days, he’s clearly not a fragile little baby any more, but knocking on the door of toddler hood. And I actually really love it! He’s 7 months now and it’s my favourite stage so far and it just keeps better. He’s cheeky, has a sense of humour and is a proper little explorer. It’s awesome to watch it all up close and can’t wait to see what comes next!

So here it is, Phoenix’s first crawl (sponsored by Apple)…

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2 thoughts on “He’s on the move

  1. Emma collins says:

    My baby girl was born July last year. I keep wondering when she will start crawling! I think my toddler will really enjoy her little sister being on the move! X

  2. Ah bless! People say girls are a bit more lazy don’t they? Not sure if that’s true though, I like to think of more as chilled out-ness! x

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