Baby led weaning – WTF?!

When I first got into the weaning game I was well up
for baby led weaning, I was all ‘oo yes that sounds lovely and wholesome, mmmm, yes, let the baby explore food himself, let him experiment, avoid spoon feeding. Blah, blah, blah. Now I must go and run barefoot through some grass etc etc’. But here’s the thing – I DON’T GET IT!!!! How does it work? How can you make it happen?!

Phoenix has been eating proper meals for some time now. Three times a day, and I’ve also just started introducing snacks. If he didn’t eat all of this food, he wouldn’t sleep, and he would cry, end of. So my problem with baby led weaning is that it doesn’t really get enough into him unless I just let him do it all day which I’m not really up for! He will put anything and everything into his mouth apart from food. I put him in his high chair, put some mushed banana out to play with and he looks and me like I’m deranged. And when I gave him some bits of pear that was just ridiculous as he doesn’t have the dexterity to pick it up with his chubby little paws. Damn you slippery fruit! Also (I’m on a roll now) as I started feeding him at 4 months I had to spoon feed him (oh my god, shock horror! Feeding at 4 moths?! Call the authorities! Grrrrr to ALL messages about when to start feeding). So there, in a nut shell I failed at baby led weaning.

Now he’s into the groove with his food I’m trying to pick it back up and today he did spend about 5 mins sucking on a rusk while standing in his walker. This is quite a break through from chucking it onto the floor, rolling the wheels over it and then looking at me and laughing. I didn’t even know Rusks still existed I thought they were in a void with Pop Tarts (which also thankfully still exist too).

Here’s a few of his favourite meals at the mo:

– Pear and parsnip puree – Avocado and banana – Cheesy mash potato – Banana cereal – Strawberry yoghurt – Mango (in any form, he can’t get enough)

He will also eat anything from Ella’s Kitchen, anything. I’ve replicated some of the more savoury stuff from their range and he’s sniffed at my attempts in disgust. I may start making my own pouches out of pritt stick and toilet roll when he’s not looking.

So that’s my little update on food in our house. Most of the time our house now looks like a garbage truck has exploded inside it…roll on move date when a new bigger kitchen and separate eating room awaits us all! I thought I’d leave you with a few totally unrelated comments that have occurred in our house over the last couple of weeks courtesy of my lovely husband Ben. It’s good to know that dads also descend into a slow spiral of madness too…

– Quick get a cloth, the snot and the yoghurt have merged and formed some kind of paste

(Frantically pushing buttons) I can’t turn this bear off, help, how do you stop it?

– Get him out of my blu-rays. Now. Please for the love of god do not let him gum my aliens box set

– I’m going to take all the brakes off his walker so he can fly around. Just like taking magnets off scaletrix, if you leave them on it’s pointless.

– Talking of which, can I buy a scaletrix yet?

Night!! 🙂


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One thought on “Baby led weaning – WTF?!

  1. Kirsty says:

    I had EXACTLY the same thing with BLW. wanted to do it but E needs quantity, not quality. However, he now does both – he chomps on cucumber, pasta bits, potato wedges etc, while I spoon mush into his mouth! Seems to work, & he’s happy as he’s feeding himself.

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