To Calpol or not to Calpol…

That is the bloody question isn’t it? How do you know when to?

As I delve deeper into this mission to motherhood, I am realising that the further you go, the more you stumble across these kind of ‘controversy bridges’. These are certain issues that split mums down the middle, and have them fighting their corners and getting feisty in the process. Bottle or breast? Blanket or grow bag? Weaning at 4 months or six months? Yada yada yada, yawn…I’ve found myself having lots of Calpol convos over the last few weeks and it would seem there’s a couple of different camps on this one. Some mums keep the stuff under lock and key and shun others that use it, while some seem to hand it out at the slightest sniffle or grump like a pack of Starburst.

Although it’s not a place I usually like to sit, I am well and truly building myself a comfy little spot on top of the fence on this one. Phoenix is teething at the moment and overall it’s been surprisingly ok, no real dramas. He has two teeth now, very cute. There have been a few times when I’ve suspected his teeth were painful but wasn’t really sure if he was just tired, grizzly or sore. Now, I know that Calpol isn’t really anything major and pretty harmless but I’m not sure you should just dish out medicine willy nilly especially if there’s no fever. Although the other day he woke up at 4 am which is quite unusual and wouldn’t really settle. I gave him half a spoon of Calpol and within about 5 mins he was calm and back to sleep. So maybe I should have done the same other days to make my life easier and take away his pain; but then I also wondered if it just makes babies sleepy anyway and if I’d just used medicine to get him back to sleep which is surely wrong (if not illeagal?!)

So many things to think about!

It’s hard to believe that a few months ago my biggest decisions revolved along the lines of ‘shall I get red or black?’ and ‘hmmmm sushi or sandwich?’

What about you guys? Where do you sit on the old Calpol fence?

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6 thoughts on “To Calpol or not to Calpol…

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m definitely in the pro-Calpol camp. I should have shares in the stuff.

    I don’t see the problem at all in using it if you think your child needs it. Freyja’s always been a bit of a harsh teether, and as soon as I see her showing signs, the Calpol is out.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way. x

  2. Kirsty says:

    I’m assuming calpol is like baby panadol. I use it a fair amount. Preemptive strike prior to jabs for example, as recommended by my doc. If he won’t settle in the middle of the night, won’t take a bottle and is just pissy I get it out – better to take the pain away than not, I think.

    But I won’t go as far as other mums who are recommending I get stronger stuff to make him calm for the flight back to the uk. I’d rather deal with 28 hours of awake bub than drug him that far I think… But I may change my mind!!!

  3. Luschka says:

    I won’t go near the stuff 😦 I’ve written loads about it on my blog, because after the first time my daughter had it, she broke out in spots all over, and again after the second time, and that was enough for us.

    If I HAVE to use something, I’ll use the ibuprofen alternative (nurofen for childrend), as it has less colourants, less chemicals, preservatives and e-numbers. It’s still not GOOD, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Calpol. (and works faster and longer, apparently.)

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