Brain dump

Hello! Life is busy busy bees at the mo so this blog is going to be a bit different to my usual posts. As you may have noticed I usually take one subject and spend time indulging in that subject, bringing it life hopefully with some kind of story and wit- what do you mean you haven’t been analysising and discussing the literary content of these pages?! But today I am tired and brain dead and am taking full advantage of the fact that I even have blog to write on. Instead I’m going to use it like a white blank wall and empty my brain of the all things rattling around in it like a loaded bucket of paint…could get messy, better put an apron on, here goes:

Ben just asked me how to cook fish fingers. How does he not know this? How does one make it to the age of 29 without being sure how to cook a fish finger? I love fish fingers.

Teeth. There’s two of them coming right at me. They’re going to get me, they wake me up in the night, they cause noise and pain to all around them. Yes Phoenix is teething (as opposed to a human dressed up as a giant tooth trying to get in the flat). Teeth are odd aren’t they, how you grow them? God that must hurt.

I keep getting really confused about rubbish. You see I have an ongoing guilt about dirty nappies. I imagine how many dirty nappies I use a week, and then how many babies there are on my street, and then in my area, and then in London, and then in the country, and then in the world, and then my head hurts. If you create more rubbish does the world get heavier or is it always the same weight? Will the world ever sag and think: I can’t hold up all these soiled nappies any more, sorry humans. Are we sinking but don’t realise it? I should really hook up with Steven Hawkins, I’m sure we’d have a great time.

I thought 2011 would be the year I’d get into heels. After all I’m married with a baby and a grown up job so it’s about a time. I wore these today. I made it half way down the road before getting my trainers out my bag. It was a start.

I want to go on holiday. I need to get Phoenix a passport. That was more like a memo to myself rather than a part of this blog, sorry.

Ben came downstairs this week and Phoenix looked at him and said ‘Da Da’. I was of course delighted, but secretly I thought ‘oi’! Then I read a baby development email that said ‘Da Da’ usually comes first and is easier to say. Phew. I won’t tell Ben, although he’s probably reading this now. Get back to your fish fingers.

I met some Swiss clients this week. They all did 3 kisses instead of a handshake. On the one hand it’s really lovely because you feel like you know them a bit better before you’ve even spoke. On the other hand it really takes up a lot of time and instead of doing a kiss I always make the kiss sound, but in a kind of comic book style, a really loud MWAH, which is ok when you’re out with your giggly girls, but when you’re meeting a client for the first time you have to start the conversation having kissed and made silly noises which seems odd.

The end. Oh not quite the end, here’s another video instalment. Unrelated to this post of course. It’s Phoenix meeting some ducks and having his first swing. He is so lush, I love him so much. I need to get my roots done. The real end. Until next post that is. Bye.


4 thoughts on “Brain dump

  1. Love this post! You sound crazy, in a good way though!

    Do you read Mammywoo? She’s a bit all over the place like this post, I think you might like her. And she’s starting back at work in a couple of months too.

  2. Ok call me shallow but WHERE did you get those shoes from – too lovely!

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