Baby brain

When you have a baby lots of people inform you of things that will happen to you. This can at times be quite strange; how do you know what’s going to happen to me, I just met you by the soft play 5 minutes a go? But as many of these foretold truths have become true, I am learning that there are some inevitable events that will occur along the motherhood route.

One of these which I am experiencing at the moment (although perhaps have been experiencing for some time without noticing) is baby brain. Lots of mums warned me that my brain might go a bit funny after having a baby and whilst adjusting to life as a mum I may become a bit all over the place. It’s highly likely that I have been a bit of a loon since Phoenix was born, but up until now it hasn’t effected my life too much (slightly concerning that no one really noticed the difference). So what’s changed. Two words: working mum. What a massive lifestyle leap I have taken in just two short weeks. Being a working mum is so different to being a stay at home mum. I think the word that sums it up is quite simply this – relentless. I now know what women were referring to when they spoke of doing a whole day of work before even getting into the office. I’ve been lucky enough to switch to freelancing and am working three days a week. This is an ideal set up and I am quite literally baffled by mums who manage to go back full time after 6 months or even less! Truth of the matter is, I have no idea how I would get up and out the house at the same time every day! I’m sure it will come but not right now.

So anyway back to baby brain in which the contents of head resemble one of Phoenix’s purees. Here’s a couple of examples of baby brain striking me down:

1) Last week I was inexcusably late for something important do with work. Hmmm, actually being late would have been fine, there are lots of good reasons for being late, but I just failed to arrive. I looked at a time on a page and my baby brain just inserted an entirely different one into my memory and even imprinted an image of this new made up time written into my diary. Nightmare. Uber stress. All worked out great in the end thank god and did have a happy ending (an actual happy ending as opposed to the other type), but as I have never ever done anything like that before in my whole career I quite literally nearly had a nervous breakdown. Plus people saw me with no make up on, gross.

2) Today I did something so random I really hope you appreciate the silliness as writing it is cracking me up. I was at this local play session at the library and a sign in register was being passed around. On the form you have to write baby’s name and date of birth. The mum above me had put in her son’s date of birth which also started with 23rd (only similar bit of the date). For some reason my mind went ‘ahhhh they have the same birthday, how sweet’ and I just copied the date written above. I then waved the clipboard at the mum and pointed to the dates saying, ‘oh look same day! How cute’ It’s probably here I should point out that her child was about 4 years old versus Phoenix’s 6 months. Not surprisingly she looked very confused and I think for a split second she did question if Phoenix could be a very small 4 year old (maybe she STILL had baby brain, oh god there’s no hope for me). Instead of just doing the traditional smack of the forehead muttering ‘oh silly me’ I proceeded to chase the clipboard around the room and fluster forced another mum to edit my date by crossing out bits and replacing with the correct numbers. Yes I do know when my son was born!!! Honest!

As a result of above mental behaviour, I have now set myself up with an array of alerts, notes to myself and alarms. I am constantly beeping. In fact I’m pretty sure someone will report me as a suspected suicide bomber.

And so another of my vital bodily organs seems to have fallen victim to child bearing, and still I insist that it’s all worth it! Here’s a little video Ben put together to remind us all why…

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4 thoughts on “Baby brain

  1. Nikki says:

    Hi Emma!

    Classic entry! Love it! Can I ask – what is the screen thingy Phoenix is looking at? Paige loves images and lights so looking for ideas.

    Nikki x

  2. Baby brain – yup! A few months ago I parked in a multi-storey, went off for a meal with friends, came back and was hunting in my bag for my car keys. I hadn’t left them in the restaurant… I’d left them in the ignition of my unlocked car!

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