BOOM! I’m back!

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence, I have many excuses for you such as internet down, a crazy xmas schedule and a return to the workforce. But still sorry for such a long pause, I couldn’t believe it when I saw some of my favourite bloggers writing all through xmas – serious commitment! Anyways there’s is many a tale for me to spill: my stressful search for childcare, the shock of opening a nappy to the first solid poo, going back to work and wondering if my brain would still work, giving up breastfeeding and being able to wear underwire again, but I will kick off first of all with the cheery and most obvious subject – Phoenix’s first Christmas. All together now….ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I am a lover of all things Christmas, just call me Mrs Claus, I can’t get enough of it. When people start whinging that the xmas stuff is out in the shops, I’m out there smothering myself in tinsel and licking the snowglobes (okay perhaps not but you get the picture). So Christmas with a baby layered on double, triple, quadruple excitement! We had such a fun time over Christmas, but with so many people to see scattered all over the country I pretty much spent the whole of December eating roast dinners. Duck, turkey, goose, beef I had them all, in fact I should have had a special ‘roast’ themed advent calendar. I put the calories aside to enjoy the season but I’m now pretty much renting a room in the gym. I was also totally exhausted after it all over, travelling around with a baby is so exhausting. It was a full on schedule but little Phoenix was such a star; he was wriggled and jiggled by so many new faces, and slept in different houses with new surroundings for almost a week but we barely heard him cry once. He smiled and laughed his way through the whole time we were away and had his naps and feeds with zero fuss. As a result everyone now thinks Ben and I are super parents and I didn’t see the harm in proclaiming that he’d been like this pretty much since day one and that I’m just a natural 😉 Growth grizzles? Pardon? Day time nap battles? I’m sorry I think I misheard you. Phoenix also love seeing his Great-Nan over Christmas; it’s pretty crazy to think that on that day there were 4 generations in one room, mind blowing when you think about it, I hope I get to experience that one day.

We had a serious stack of pressies. So much so I had to go and donate some money to charity to help clear my conscious and also because I won’t need to buy anything for a long time to come (excluding dresses of course, duh, what do think I am, stupid?!) I know that lots of you reading this blog were also having your first christmasses with your babies and I really hope you had a magical day too. I’ve made a list of some of the most practical and quirky gifts we were given as we really did have some awesome stuff and I thought there you might want to put it on your wishlists for birthdays!

Cool letters for P-man’s room! This fabbo pressie from Phoenix’s Grannie and Grandad is awesome! I put in a bit research to find out places which did with cool fabrics, and I would highly recommend They have cool prints like cammo and pirate and they’re beautifully hand made.

Bumbo seat! Yay! I’m sure many of you will be familiar with these little chaps! Phoenix loves sitting up in his as he’s into holding and gripping his toys now. Plus it’s another safe place to put him! It came in very handy for feeding him his meals when away, we just popped him onto any surface! Thanks to Uncle Adam for that one 🙂 You can get Bumbos on Amazon. Model also wears baby Converse courtesy of mummy…because well, he’s 5 months now, so he needs cool shoes!

A baby Chewbacca that really talks! Apparently every baby must have one…especially if Daddy is obsessed with Star Wars 🙂 He found him on I think Phoenix is actually a bit scared when he makes his noises, which is ironic as he sounds kind of similar to him. However Ben is convinced he’ll be a hit and keeps saying in a slightly too serious voice, “he’ll learn to love him. Yes, he’ll learn to love him” …..Bless.

Does it really get any cuter than this?! Gorgeous snow suit from Uncle Gav and Auntie Caz! Phoenix has been so toasty in this; I’ve been able to just put him into his pram seat just in this without any blankets as it’s like being in a sleeping bag which is much less of a faff. Really great for winter walks when he’s in the harness too, no chance of chilly tootsies in this. (Ted Baker, Debenhams)

Life changing pressie from my mum aka nanna! This video baby monitor is totally amazing – technology at it’s best! Phoenix is now sleeping in his own room so this has been quite simply the best thing ever. Because I can see him when there’s a noise, I end up going into the room a lot less. It’s taught me when he does and doesn’t need me to settle him because I can safely stalk him from the comfort of my own bed. If your looking for one of these I would really recommend this one, the brand is Summer.

I am LOVING these gorgeous than gorgeouser (new word) weighted animal bookends for Phoenix’s bookshelves courtesy of my Dad. I was massively into books when I was a kid and I’m wholeheartedly/softly forcing him to follow suit! These are leather handmade animals filled with sand and are super classy! When he’s done with them I’ll happily take them on for my own books. Get them from where you may get a bit distracted from many other pretty things!

It’s a question you may have been wondering yourself: is a party really a party without a jelly with your name on it? Clearly not in the world of Phoenix. I take full responsibility for this one; for a meer £5 your little one can have jellies with his name on until well, he decides that it’s ok to just have the ice cream on it’s own, and actually while you’re at it can you make sure it’s Ben and Jerry’s? Get one from

Thank you so much to all our friends and family for such lovely gifts, company and food!

Looking forward to next xmas already…wow I’ll have a walking talking little man by then, suspect I will not pick up such a glowing ‘star mum’ halo after that one!

And a mega thanks to all you guys still reading my blog! Happy new year to all and please stick with me in 2011 and keep passing on the link….I’m still hanging out there for the book deal 🙂

Big love, Ems x


3 thoughts on “BOOM! I’m back!

  1. So cute, you look like you all had a great Christmas, that’s lovely:)

  2. Honest Mum says:

    Lovely post and looks like a super Christmas. It was my first one with my little boy too. Best ever, check out my blog

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