Weaning woes and sleepless nights

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of motherhood and I have now been fully initiated into the ‘baby up all night with explosive diarrhoea‘ club. Now that I’m a member of this exclusive and oh so glamourous club, I know how it feels to be covered in poo day in day night and behave like a walking, talking sleepless zombie…

The weaning was going well with sweet potato mashed with breast milk. He was loving it and sleeping like a trooper. So I tried banana, great! And so I tried pear puree, great! And so I tried porridge with apple, great! And so came the shits. Hmmmm you see, I got a little bit too excited and introduced way too many foods at once – one day giving him three different meals. Oops. Is this bad parenting 101? Never mind, try, try again, I’ve read the books now. So following this, he had a couple of days off from anything other than milk and then I reintroduced baby rice and baby cereals which have always been gone down well. And now I’m at the point where I’ve become a bit of a ‘weaning-phobic’. Trust me, I didn’t want diarrhoea nights back again, so I went to the supermarket to see what I could find.

Phoenix is a hungry baby. He is really active now, rolling over everywhere, always on his tummy doing a kind of army shuffle on his front trying to crawl, and as a result he of course needs more food. I’ve felt like my milk just isn’t enough to satisfy him so whilst browsing the supermarket aisles I saw a product that seemed to be glowing and drawing me closer: ‘Hipp Organic milk for hungry babies’ who are too little to be fully weaned. Now, I work in marketing, and I’ve got to hand it to them, when I went into Tesco I had no clue what I was looking for but when I saw that and read the box I was convinced that was it. So that’s it, there we have it, I’m slowly starting to give up breastfeeding. I can’t do it anymore; I’m knackered, I have to go back to work, I want to wear a normal bra and my boy is a hunger-monster I just can’t keep up with (no matter how many christmas dinners I eat and litres of water I drink). I’ve done 5 months exclusive breast feeding and am proud of that, but, enough is enough. I’m currently doing combination feeding; breast-bottle-breast-bottle etc. and soon I will go down to a breastfeed morning and night and then just at night. I’m planning on keeping the night feed going for quite a few more months yet as it’s part of the routine and low boob stress!

In addition to all this weaning/pooing stuff that’s been going on, Phoenix has also had a phase of ‘sleep regression’ where he’s been behaving like a new born and waking every two hours or more all through the night for a feed. Oh how cute of him. Erm, not. A few of my friends also experienced the same thing with their babies at around 5 months and assure me it’s a fleeting phase. So whilst on my product search in Tesco I was also sucked into trying the hipp Organic Goodnight milk; I think the sleepy, peaceful packaging gave me a glimmer of hope. I’ve been giving him this at his 10.30pm dream feed and it’s starting to have a welcome ‘knock out effect’, it has cereals and stuff in it to fill him up. He loves it and guzzles it down. I tried it, it’s soooo nice! Yum!

I rebooted the weaning today with some carrot and sweet potato mixed with a bit of formula milk. He ate quite a lot and he was soooo sleepy at bedtime. I’m hoping for a good night tonight. Fingers crossed, will keep you posted!

Totally unrelated points to this posts that I feel like writing:

1) Phoenix seems to have made his cry sound like he’s saying ‘Emma’. Try and ignore that mum.

2) Attempting to get across London in thick snow, with a baby, a pram, a travel cot and a Christmas crumble may prove tricky.

3) Even though a 5 month old has no clue what’s going on, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy him presents, especially if you keep them secret from your husband so at least someone is benefiting from the surprise.

4) It’s also ok if your own dream christmas would be to spend it in Hogwarts. Even though you’re a mum you can still dream like a child. The end.


2 thoughts on “Weaning woes and sleepless nights

  1. mummyfiles says:

    Oh I feel your pain with the night waking. My boy got really hungry and was feeding more than I could supply. I also did about 5 months before I decided that I needed a rest and the opportunity to hand over night feeding duties.
    Good luck with the weaning, sounds like he’s loving it! x

  2. Honest Mum says:

    Wow that phase, can well long continue longer than 5 months-sorry to be the bearer of bad news! My little boy at 11 months still wakes up in the night-at the moment it’s teething but something tells me some babies are great sleepers, other’s are not. Don’t lose hope though, I’m sure he’ll back to sleeping well/sleeping through. Being poorly sets them back and they’re just like little adults really, some night’s are better than others. Really enjoying your blog, was one of the first I came across when researching blogs before I started mine. Do check out http://www.honestmum.com


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