Baby bear paw mitts! (review)

If I had my own way I’d dress Phoenix up as a different animal every day until he knew what I was doing, say maybe around 6 years old? Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to wrap him up in his bear suit and give him a massive cuddle. So imagine my joy when the lovely folk at Little Sunflowers asked me to check out their Bear Hands mittens and matching chin strap hat. It took me about half a second to agree to review them and when they arrived through the door I was not disappointed!

So this is my review – they are awesome go and get some!! They range in sizes from 6 months to 7 years so are great for your big and little bear cubs. With Thinsulate lining there’s no chance of little fingers getting chilly in these. There’s loads of colours to choose from and even a furry option if you want to get really into the whole bear thing.

Phoenix is only 4 months so the smallest size are still pretty big on him but they do stay on as he has his hands in fists most of the time so I just pop them on over his hand balls! They are great for in the pram because he hates having his hands under the blanket!

The hat is super cute too and has a handy chin strap. Phoenix still has some way to go until he can wear the set as you can see! Although his head is growing at lightening speed.

I love the older kids version of these mitts as the paws have a flap which folds back so kids can still access their gadgets. Heaven forbid the cold weather should prevent their DS playing or texting.

Click here to head to Little Sunflowers right….Now!


2 thoughts on “Baby bear paw mitts! (review)

  1. Honest Mum says:

    Do these mits stay on? I struggle and struggle to find ones that do and my baby (nearly one) physically rips hats of, pulls hoods off. This started around 6 months. Oh the joy of little boys and keeping them warm! Enjoy succeeding for now! Love the pics, he’s too cute.

  2. mummyfiles says:

    I love the mittens soooo much. They are on the christmas list for the boy as of now. x

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