Baby booties that stay on…really! (review)

The other day I was having a bit of a rant about how I spend half my time putting socks back on Phoenix’s little feet. At first it’s cute, but by the 85th time it’s beyond annoying. Baby socks are such a pointless invention, they are literally useless. But you have to keep persisting because there’ve been times when I’ve been out, looked down at Phoenix’s sockless feet and noticed them going purple, eek, bad mummy!

So I was pretty intriged when the lovely people at Tootsie and Fudge included some ‘stay on’ baby booties by Melton, with my clothing order for us to try out and review. Now, I want to point out that I didn’t set up this blog to become a boring PR review machine praising freebies that companies send to me, so if I ever recommend anything please know that I do really mean it! And companies be warned, my feedback will be honest and products will be tested to the max! But I can hand on heart say that these booties have honestly changed my life! They are amazing and I think every new mum should be issued with a pair at birth! They are high quality with a fleecy lining meaning toasty tootsies and no need for socks! The drawstring around the top keeps them on securely without cutting off circulation or leaving big dents in little ankles! They come in loads of colours purple, pink, blue, beige, black, red – in fact I think I defiantly need another colour…At £6.50 they are well worth it and you’ll get tonnes of use out of them. I think we’ve had them on every day since they arrived! As I said, I test things to the max and Phoenix was only too happy to help out…

So if like me, baby socks are driving you to the brink of insanity, I suggest you hop over to Tootsie and and pick up a pair of these ‘bootiful booties’ here: AND there’s even more reason to head over there as Tootsie and Fudge are giving you, readers of this blog, 15% off! Woo! All you need to do is type MISSIONTOMOTHERHOOD when you checkout and you’ll get 15% off you bill, SWEET! Who’d thought that reading my dribble could save you money! They have loads of cool stuff on their site for babies and older children so check it out, but be quick as this offer expires on November 30th. Happy shopping 🙂

Em x

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4 thoughts on “Baby booties that stay on…really! (review)

  1. Jo Mitchell says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. My friend Kay Parnell whom i met at NCT classes recommended it. Just thought i’d let you know about Sock-ons which you can buy on They are nifty little things you put over normal socks to keep them on. I was given a pair and think they’re great.
    Good luck with everything and keep up the amusing blog!

  2. These socks are great I remember how annoying socks can be on little feet, never staying on! xx

  3. VickiP says:

    Brilliant! Totally agree socks are useless so great to see booties that stay on!

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