3am feeds…welcome back

I am knackered!! This growth spurt or whatever it is has seen the return of 3am feeds. So as soon as I thought we’d got a bit of a routine happening with decent amount of sleep between feeds, boom, we’re back into the zombie phase. We had settled into a 7pm bedtime with a ‘dream feed’ at 11pm and 5am and then up at 7.30am. But we’re all over the place at the moment with a 3am and a wide awake 5am feed! Ah! Babies, they never just do the same thing do they?! Phoenix of course is blissful unaware that anything’s different and is committed to one thing, and one thing only….getting milk. Imagine if you had a life where literally everything was made better by warm milk and you could have it whenever you demanded it. Amazing.

After his early morning feed, and now that he’s a bit bigger, I leave him to snooze in bed with us as it means he’ll sleep in until 7.30am. I think the official term is co-sleeping, and it’s another one of those controversial subjects. The ‘powers at be’ vehermently advise against having babies in bed with you in case you roll on them. I wouldn’t have Phoenix in bed with both Ben and me all night as I wouldn’t be able to fully relax, but I do think their advice is a bit over the top about ‘co-sleeping’. A mother’s instinct is strong and I don’t think I’ve gone into a truly deep sleep since he’s been born. Yeah you sleep, but I feel like I always have ‘an ear open’; I wake up at the slightest shuffle…hmmmm that might explain the knackeredness. So I’ve got no probs with him lying in with us in the morning, and sometimes I nap with him in the bed in the daytime too: shock horror, call the authorities. It’s so lovely to have a snooze together and wake up looking at his big smiley face.

I am thinking of trying him out on some baby rice soon, it may help with his hungryness as he still feeds every two hours unless I’m out and about, so it’s quite draining. The one good thing though is that he’s now a super speedy feeder and only takes about 10 mins to have a full feed. So if you’re reading this and you’re in the early days of breastfeeding, please rest assured that feeds do get quicker! I was doing 1.5 hour feeds when he was first born and wasn’t totally convinced that they’d get quicker, but they do – promise!

Thanks so much for all your comments on my breastfeeding in public post. Some of you raised some really good points which I felt like I should share here:

– There are no breastfeeding role models on TV. So True! How many times have we seen Stacey Slater making up her bottles on Eastenders? But I don’t think I can ever recall a TV character having cracked nipples!

– There are many mums who try so hard to breastfeed but just can’t, and it’s really upsetting for them. From shattered nipples to fussy babies there’s a whole host of breastfeeding barriers and many mums feel guilty and a failure. I’m not sure how much my words will mean, but if this is you, please don’t feel guilty. If you’re baby is happy and healthy that’s enough to earn a medal in my book, so don’t get bogged down in guilt – you don’t have time!

– A new wave of modern stores are installing discreet feeding areas, which could be a new revolution in terms of making new mums feel more confident about getting out and about after childbirth. On the flip-side seeing other mums breastfeeding in public spaces can be motivating for mums thinking about giving it a go.

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2 thoughts on “3am feeds…welcome back

  1. Kirsty says:

    Interesting the different advice in different countries. Co-sleeping is encouraged here in Aus, and the hospital gives advice on how to do it safely. One of the midwives even put E in the bed with me on the first night when I couldn’t move. I was terrified and so in awe of the small person next to me I thought I wouldn’t sleep… But I did! And have done since 🙂 So don’t worry about it.

  2. That is interesting! Good old Aus 😉 I got told off for closing my eyes when I was holding him by one of my midwives!

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