Milk shortage

Something is happening to Phoenix…He’s bursting out of his baby grows in the style of the Incredible Hulk and has turned into an actual milk mutant. I think this is what’s commonly known as a ‘growth spurt’ but that term feels far too soft to describe what’s happened over the last few days. I would instead, describe it more as an attempt by Phoenix to transform into the BFG. For the first time since he’s been born he’s been draining two tanks in one feed! Two tanks! And STILL there have been times when he’s come off not satisfied and I’ve had to give him a couple of expressed ounces as well. That’s some serious milk consumption right there people.

Jokes aside, I have found it a bit stressful. I don’t keep formula in the house as am exclusively breast feeding, and the first time when I didn’t seem to have enough in the tanks to satisfy him I was so horrified and I totally panicked – ‘oh my god he’s going to starve’…clearly this is a ridiculous reaction: he’s not going to starve and there’s a supermarket at the end of the road. But I do need to try and make some more milk as I feel like I’m playing catch up with him and am a couple of days behind. I desperately don’t want to start introducing formula into the mix, not because I think it’s wrong or anything (I’m not one of those judgemental breastfeeding ‘nazis’ who practically spit at mums who look at a tub of formula), but I made a descion to breastfeed for 6 months and that’s want I want to do. And so my quest to ‘up my supplies’ begins…I am taking Fenugreek, a supplement which is supposed to help with milk production (plus it’s a silly word and I just like saying it, fenugreek, fenugreek, fenugreek, pass me the fenugreek), I’m drinking my height and weight in water to the point of actually growing gills, and I’m trying to eat a bit more; turns out those 500 calories you burn breastfeeding aren’t just freebies and you are actually meant to eat more to help make the milk, damn it, there’s always a catch isn’t there? Plus I’m back on the pumping routine and putting him on the breast whenever he fancies it. I had eased off on the pumping mainly because I was so fed up with spending SO many hours of the day being milked and just wanted a break. Plus once you’re over the first few crazy weeks of breastfeeding you’re boobs really calm down and there’s little or no engorgement so I felt less need to express. But now I’m back in the game massively, pump, pump, pump.

I’m now on month 4 of breastfeeding and I do feel like I’ve ‘broken the back’ of it as I have only two more months to go, so I’ll keep trucking and try and cross the finish line. I’m totally exhasted though, it feels like the early new born days of extreme milk making, but still, he’s worth it and hopefully it’ll calm back down in a few weeks once I’ve caught up. So I would sign off  by quoting the apt saying ‘there’s no point crying over spilt milk‘, but actually there is. I knocked over about an ounce of expressed milk the other day and literally felt like I’d poured liquid gold down the sink. So whoever wrote that expression has clearly never breastfed a baby! Bring on the solids I say…

Happy Friday! 🙂

P.S please please forward the link to my blog to any expectant mums, friends with babies, dads, ladies with older kids who feel like reminiscing, cats, dogs, mutants and anyone else who you think would enjoy my dribble. Thank you; it’s very motivating to keep going having so many people interested in this mission! x

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10 thoughts on “Milk shortage

  1. rhea says:

    i know the feeling that happened to me and stressed me out so much that i had to give up on it as i got so stressed that i wasnt producing cos of stress which stressed me out more so i had to give up but managed for about 4 to 5 mnths gd luck emma x

  2. Natalie says:

    Aahh fenugreek! Give it a day or so and you’ll notice your armpits smell of maple syrup. I shit you not, it’s amazing :o) xxx

  3. Kate says:

    Just found your blog through bmb and really like it – have just signed up. I’m a long term breastfeeder (still feeding my 2 year old at night – I know I know!) and really feel for you. But (controversial I know..) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of formula if it helps out mum and means baby gets breastfed for longer.
    Read my article if you get a chance – And good luck!

  4. Nat says:

    I’ve been breastfeeding non stop since April 2006 3 different kids, yep through pregnancy too.
    Growth spurts still kill me now! Fed my 1st 2.5 years my 2nd is 2 and a bit and still feeding once a day and of course the newborn and my arse has it’s own postcode I am not one to loose weight while feeding lol

  5. Kate says:

    Feeding made me thin!!! Swear to God! I did my 3 back to back too – just make up your own rules – whatever works for you…Glad to hear the fenugreek worked – never heard of that before!

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