Phoenix gets a cot!

We finally got round to getting Phoenix a cot last week. I’m not going to sugar coat it; it was a ridiculously luxurious purchase and I’m unable to even bring myself to type the price, so instead I’ll quote Ben, “His cot cost more than most of the cars I’ve owned”, Ouch. But we got it with our wedding gift vouchers so it was a special treat to be able to choose the one we really wanted, plus, I’m sure it’ll get a lot more use than a dinner set. The cot is the Luxo by Bloom and it’s a beaut…its curved edges and the ‘non-baby jail’ look are what mostly caught my eye, but it’s also a cot bed so he can be in until he’s 6. Although hopefully there will be another little bambino in it by then…wow, crazy thought!

To try and get him used to sleeping in it I’ve started to put himdown at night in his moses basket, inside the cot (bit like a russian doll). After I’ve done his last feed of the night I then take him back up to our room as he still needs to be in with us, but I think it’s good he gets a bit of time in there. I don’t know why but it was soooo exciting putting him in it for the first time! I guess it’s kind of a stereotypical image – a baby snoozing away in a cot, it’s very cute. He seems to like it – christ, if he starts kicking up a fuss about being in there I’m going to wave the price tag under his nose.

The sleeping routine is still going well, with him going down by 7pm and then feeding at 11pm, 4/5am and 7.30am. He still sometimes wakes up at 2am but I can usually soothe him back to sleep with a dummy without having to pick him up or feed him. Every now and again he’ll randomly feed every couple of hours through the night which is knackering, I’m guessing that’s just when he’s upping his feed, it doesn’t happen very often. I’m wondering when he’ll sleep all the way through, I can’t imagine having a night of unbroken sleep, it’s going to be epic when it actually happens.

Bath time has really gone up a gear too! I’ve chucked out the bath support thing and now just hold him so he can have a splash about…and man, he really goes for it! I actually thought he was having a fit at first: arms and legs thrashing around, back arching up, but then he started giggling so I’m guessing it’s all good! This new bath thrashing is great because he uses up a stack of energy so dozes off easier. Hoorah. Ben had developed a bit of a bad habit of rocking him back to sleep if he woke up after being put down. When we decided to brace ourselves for the wrath of not doing that, he fell straight to sleep due to the bath thrashing, so that worked out quite well!

Last weekend we went to Ham House in Richmond Park, it was epic stuff! A big stately home and beautiful gardens. I felt like I was in Pride in Prejudice. Our very talented friend Darren took some awesome pics of Phoenix on a pumpkin! Happy Halloween! We didn’t get any trick or treaters which meant a lot of chocolate was consumed during this weekends’ X-Factor shows!!

Sorry this post is quite boring today will try harder next time 😉

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2 thoughts on “Phoenix gets a cot!

  1. Gemma says:

    Lovely photos. Cute cute baby! Love the cot very much. Worth it!

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