Nursery rhyme failure

Phoenix really does enjoy a good old sing song as I’m sure many babies do. We used to put my headphones on him when he was in my tummy and we’ve been singing to him from the first days in hospital. Ahhhh what a lovely image I hear you sigh. However, it has come to my attention that I literally don’t know the words to any songs. None. Much to Ben’s horror I really do love to sing a long to music at inappropriately loud and enthusiastic levels, but if that music is removed, I seem to turn into a jibbering idiot who is completely out of tune, stringing odd words together like a robot with Tourette’s. I remember our first night in the hospital when Ben had gone home and I wanted to sing to Phoenix but couldn’t think of ANY song words or even any songs. In the end I hummed the Crazy 88 theme tune from the Kill Bill film, which is potentially not the most soothing tune to hear when you’ve just escaped from inside a human…bloody exciting though, whey hey baby, welcome to Earth. Oo Oo, Oo-Oo-Oo! Oo Oo, Oo-Oo-Oo!

Since then my singing repertoire has improved…slightly. I can confidently say that whilst my ability to sing most lyrics may not be up to scratch, my ability to sing the whole of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack is beyond advanced. ‘Our’ favourites are ‘Come what May’ and the ‘Elephant Love Medley’ which is the one where they sing parts of lots of different love songs. Phoenix really enjoys this one and is increasingly becoming more and more hysterical when I sing it to him – in fact, I’m starting to wonder if he’s actually laughing at me, rather than just appreciating the singing, little monkey. Although it could be because when I sing the Elephant Love Medley to him it’s more of a ‘performance’ than a simple sing-a-long and comes with the full rendition. This includes singing Nicole Kidman’s and Ewan McGregor’s parts, a skilled task I’d say, so I think that more than makes up for my lack of lyrics at other times. I was going to upload a video of myself singing this to Phoenix but I realised that this may confirm any suspicions that yes, I am actually insane. Perhaps if I get up to 100 fans on my Facebook I might…* It’s great stuff though, even if I do say so, I mean, I even do the speaking bits in the song, for example:

E: “We could be heroes, just for one day”

N: “You. You will be mean. And I? I’ll drink all the time”

E “We should be lovers”

N: “We can’t do that”

E: “We should be lovers. And that’s a fact”

Hmmmmm typing that out is making me think maybe I should work harder on more conventional baby songs. This is an area where I am defo lacking in knowledge and skills. When they have a sing-song at playgroup I have to mumble embarrassingly pretending I know all the words; I’m a bit like an embarrassed school child being forced to sing hymns. But some of these of the nursery rhymes they sing are so odd, I’ve never heard of half of them but everyone seems to know them religiously – is there some kind of antenatal singing class that I missed the memo on? There’s one particular song that has really caught my attention and I’m fairly sure that some of the words went like this:

“Where are all the bunnies? Why are they sleeping? Are they ill? Let’s wake them up….HOP LITTLE BUNNY, HOP HOP HOP, HOP LITTLE BUNNY HOP HOP HOP!”

Ok, lets just take a moment to dissect what’s happening here. Somewhere in an idyllic garden some rabbits are snoozing after a day of munching on organic carrots….BUT are they actually sleeping or are they in fact dead?! (I’m guessing this is what is implied by the line ‘are they ill?’) But I know what to do, lets find out by jumping all over them. Hmmmmm, right, I think I’ll be sticking to Nicole and Ewan thanks…

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*Disclaimer – all suggestions of videoed singing in this post are subject to sanity levels.

Thanks and night! x

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6 thoughts on “Nursery rhyme failure

  1. Kirsty says:

    Nursery rhymes have prompted all out war in our family – did the piggy get roast beef or did he get jam and bread. All resolved by a gift of a massive nursery rhymes book.

    Eamonn still prefers the Stones though, with brown sugar being a particular favourite!!!

  2. Marnie says:

    Ems, Think that’s my fave post so far! Really made me laugh. It was only this evening (during yoga)where I was wondering whether ‘ om- ing ‘ to baby was a step too far? Case for.. words are easy to remember, I don’t know any nursery rhymes and I can’t sing! Case against… Where to begin? Xxx

  3. Ha! I think babies will like a bit of om-ing. Plus you can practically still do it while your dozing and they’ll never know!! Might get a bit boring for them though when they get to the ‘wow you’re mouth is so amazing when it moves, I’m going to stare at it and then stick my whole hand in it’ phase… xxx

  4. hi Emma, really enjoying your blog (lots of funky things in your house, love snowboard poster and monster lights). I used to make up songs for my son. He loves baby songs and when he was probably about the age your baby is we used to go to a group where the mums sung (except me cos a. I felt stupid and b. didn’t know the words) he prefered the singing to feeding. Now he’s bigger he enjoyes ABBA, I put it on and let them do the work – me and him just shout along – perfect.

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