What can you see?

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I spend many hours trying to work out what my little baby is looking at. I wonder how many times us mums ask our babies ‘what can you see?’, to which we are met with a blank response as they continue to gawk at whatever it is that captured their attention in the first place. It can become slightly obsessive to wonder what babies are looking at and in addition (and more ridiculously), start to question what they are thinking about when they fixate on something. This can reach the dizzy heights of pure insanity when you find yourself proclaiming ‘oo he’s looking at that bus, I wonder if he can tell which one takes us home’ or ‘oo look at him looking at that laptop, bet he’s thinking about typing an email’. In reality they’re seeing colours and shapes and thinking about milk. End of.

So I thought I’d record a few things that seem to fascinate Phoenix and offer my most profound mummy wonderings to try and make sense of his most favourite objects…

1) Snowboarding poster – this poster sits above his changing table and he’s completley obsessed with it. It’s by far his most favourite place to be in the flat, which is lucky as he’s on there a lot (stinky pants).  He fixated on it when he was just a few days old, but now he’s a bit older as soon as he clocks it he smiles and chuckles away. I’m not sure what’s so funny, it’s most likely the contrasting colours and familiarity that he likes (boring explanation!) but what I really like to think is that he’s dreaming of his first time on a snowboard, ah yes that makes much more sense.


2) Lamp shade – I should firstly point out that we are in a rental and this is not my choice of light fixture. However Phoenix seems to approve of this circa 1990 light fixture and is often caught with his head tilted back grinning away into the depths of this dusty lamp.

3) My boat race – it’s a funny sight for anyone to look at but Phoenix loves studying mine and Ben’s faces. He’s at a great stage now where he’ll smile when he sees us, and is also into poking and prodding various facial features.


4) Monster lights – Another big hit with the little man. After his bath and massage when he starts getting tired and hungry he often has a little strop. To calm him down, as soon as his pjs are on I hold him in front of these lights and he goes completely silent and glazes over. He will stare at them for ages but never tries to touch them (he probably realises that it’s not a great idea to try and pet monsters, clever boy).

5) Cow book – A slightly more conventional one it’s Phoenix’s favourite book by Jelly Cat titled ‘If I were a cow’. I find the title of this book slightly ironic as I spend a lot of time behaving just like a dairy cow. I like to read this book to him by singing it in the style of Beyonce’s ‘If I were a boy’. I find that this brings a contemporary cultural edge to the story… 😉

So there we have it between light fixtures and posters Phoenix has a range of conventional and more random objects to keep him distracted. I of course am just as obsessed with staring at him all day, something that I will never tire of (might get a bit weird when he’s 19, will try and stop by then).

Exciting news – exclusive discount for cool kids clothing website just for readers of this blog coming soon! Watch this space! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What can you see?

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