3 month mamma

Phoenix turned 12 weeks at the end of last week. It feels more significant than other weekly milestones. Actually that reminds me – when should I stop saying ‘happy birthday’ to him every time he ages another week; I’m in danger of becoming a bit of a weirdo here. I can’t believe that I’ve been a mum for 3 months and that Phoenix is like a proper little baby and not a new born! On the one hand it’s whizzed by in the blink of an eye, and he’s literally doubled in size right under my snout. But on the other hand I can’t remember life without him in it and baby-free days feel very far away (in a good way). I also can’t believe that I’m potentially half-way through my maternity leave *massive sad face* I’m going to have to go back to work at some point but the thought of leaving him with anyone else is still a very scary prospect for me right now. More to come on that one in future blogs…

So without wanting to sound like a proud poodle owner at Crufts, here’s a few things that Phoenix has learnt to do in his 12 weeks on planet Earth:

1) Talk – ok, so he didn’t have much to say when I asked him if he was excited that the Chilean miners escaped in a pod called Phoenix, but he’s defiantly found his voice. It was very exciting when he started making sounds and noises and ever since I read that it’s good to repeat these sounds back to him, we’ve been bumbling a way like a pair of nutters. I swear the neighbours think they’re living next to a family of Chewbacca’s.

2) Head holding – he’s loving his ‘tummy time’ (ugh, I hate that expression, I always imagine a clock pointing to a massive stomach). He can now lean on his forearms and hold his head up looking around widly for some interesting fixtures and fittings to look at rather than his toys (he’s a paractical boy you know)

3) Laugh and smile – ahhhhhh, it melts the heart! Surely one of the most ultimate moments in life is when you hear your baby laugh. It is truly magical, enough said 🙂

4) Roll – he can only roll from his front to his back but he’s giving the other way a damn good go. I guess when he’s doing this frequently life is going to get a bit more complicated, he won’t stay where I put him, how does that work then?!

5) Change his own nappy – oh sorry I drifted off into an alternate dream world there…

6) Sleep! He’s doing great night sleeping, going down at 7pm and then being woken for a sleepy 11pm feed and then a quick feed at 5am and back down until 8am. Nice work Phoenix, mummy loves sleep too.

All in all, pretty impressive stuff for someone who was literally living his life from inside my body a few weeks a go.

And what have I learnt in these last 12 weeks in my mission to motherhood? Well, I’ve pushed a small human out from places that shouldn’t stretch that far, laughed, cried, produced enough milk to, well, grown said small human, had mastitis, been weed/pooed/puked on, been cured from mastitis, spent ££’s on Pampers, felt guilty about the environment and spent ££’s on eco nappies, crashed the pram, lost a stone, had too many poo leaks and switched back to Pampers, wondered how I’ll lose another stone, and had a goosebumps every single time I’ve told anyone I’m a mummy 🙂

As far as the title of this blog ‘mission to motherhood’ goes, I think it’s safe to say I’m well I’m my way. The word ‘mission’ was a good choice for becoming a mummy, sometimes every day can feel like taking part in some giant real life game show. But any obstacle or anything at all that is stressful or tiring is a tiny, tiny, minuscule inconvenience in comparison to the  overwhelming feelings I have towards our little boy. Roll on level two, 3 – 6 months…lets get cracking!

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One thought on “3 month mamma

  1. Pooky says:

    Sounds like you’re doing a fab job. May the fun commence now he’s rolling. Soon he’ll be teleporting across the room when you turn your back!

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