Have I won the day time nap battle?!

Holy smoke Phoenix is napping like a trooper like these days. Don’t you just love it when babies actually do something you want them to do? It’s such a sense of achievement. Although when he does fall asleep in the day without a fuss, I’m so surprised and relieved that I don’t have to go through a ‘nap stand off’ that I don’t do know what to with myself. I get so excited I rush around like a nutter trying to do something productive but actually achieving nothing. So far in these napping moments I’ve fake tanned, researched holidays I can’t afford to go on and (am I actually admitting this on line?) made up a silly dance to a TV theme tune to present back to Ben on his return from work. Productive stuff.

So now Phoenix is having a morning nap, a midday nap and an afternoon nap with each nap generally getting shorter in length as the day goes on, which seems like it should be the other way round as he gets more tired, but still, he’s napping so I’m happy! I’m not really keeping to strict nap times and generally just leave him until he gets tired and grumpy then lie him down in his moses basket in the front room near me and let him have his dummy. This way he thinks he’s just having a chill out time but he can’t stop himself from falling asleep, mu ha ha…

Sounds great doesn’t it? But in an attempt to score back points against me he’s now sleeping less and less when out in his pram! My fail safe ‘baby silencer’ doesn’t seem to be working as well these days as he’s far too inquisitive and generally just sleeping less. He used to sleep for however long I would push him around for, but those days are over. This has made shopping a bit trickier as in true boy tradition he hate shops. He’s happy being pushed but heaven forbid if should want to stop and look at anything or try something on. I’ve already been caught out in the changing rooms of La Senza trapped in some kind of nursing bra contraption when he decided enough was enough. I was left trying to escape the bra and the shop with a big wailing unhappy baby who resumed to peaceful calm as soon as were back on the move.

So what is the latest score on the day time nap battle? I’d say it’s at one-all. Yes he is napping now, but it’s not for very long and he’s doing it mostly on his terms (surprise, surprise!) This week we bought him a cot and I’m going to try and put him down in there for a few day time naps so he gets used to it…will report back on progress! In Phoenix’s eyes sleep is clearly for losers. I am quite happy to admit in this case that I am well and truly a loser!

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