A wedding party, a baby and a lot of cake…

Last weekend we had a UK wedding reception to celebrate our wedding earlier this year which took place in Mexico. We had a party down at Sandbanks in Poole which is one of my favourite beaches ever. It was such a lovely night and awesome to see everyone.

Phoenix was a little overwhelmed by the whole event and whilst lots of people wanted to meet him, he didn’t want to meet anyone! When we arrived he totally flipped out. It was way too busy and noisy for him at that time of night. It made me realise that he must love our bedtime routine as he wasn’t up for noise, people, or lights but wanted peace, quiet and sleep! Usually at that time he would be getting a nice little baby massage, a soothing lavender bath and zoning out to the relaxing tones of sleepy seahorse. Hmmmm I see that I seem to have created a beauty spa vibe for him, no wonder he wasn’t happy. But after a bottle of milk, cuddles and some pram pushing he was out of it. It was an interesting experience pushing a pram down the road wearing a wedding dress, and in the craziness of the moment I did start thinking to myself that it would be fine to just wear it out every now again. It’s not is it? Boo! Once he was asleep, he slept for the whole party! Good boy! This meant I had time to reintroduce myself to my old friend G&T and recall what it feels like to be a little bit drunk – it’s great isn’t it?! Although I have discovered that drinking is not as appealing when you have a baby; I was really aware that I’d have him to look after the next day and couldn’t face it with a hangover!

I’ll leave you with some small pieces of advice for anyone who is party planning after giving birth:

1) If you’re going to write a speech, then make sure you do actually find time to write it.

2) If it’s the first time you’ve drank in almost 12 months, you might not be the best person to do the speech especially if you’ve not adhered to point number 1.

3) If you’re on a beach and there’s a hefty wind, setting off 30 sky lanterns to mark the birth of your child may sound lovely but may not be a great idea. In fact you may be in danger of setting fire to the local area.

4) If you’re going to get your make-up done, it’s probably not the best not to get it done by a transvestite make-up artist no matter how friendly they are. Hello drag queen bride.

5) If you are on a strict post-natal diet and exercise regime under no circumstances should you order a giant tower of delicious cup cakes and take all the left overs home with you!!!

Thanks to everyone who came it was very fun!

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2 thoughts on “A wedding party, a baby and a lot of cake…

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