I am developing an unhealthy and irrational fear of Phoenix growing. With all these different mummy and baby classes I’m going to I’m really seeing a good range of baby sizes and stages, and I’m not feeling overly excited about what is to come. Life at the moment is fantastic. Phoenix and I have both sussed out who we are and what we’re doing on this planet, and now I can make him laugh and smile it’s all ‘good in motherhood’. So why, oh why do I just know that things are about to get shook up? Not fair! The next big thing will be him going into his cot, then teething and weaning and before I know it he’ll be up and about and that’ll be it, no more baby days!

There are a few things about toddlers that scare the hell out of me, namely being the following: they seem to randomly scream in high pitch tones for no reason, they put everything in their mouths and they have a continual stream of drool hanging out their mouths.

At playgroup this week I was wearing a rather large flower in my hair. This was a big mistake, I was literally like a can of Tango amongst a swarm of wasps, with the wasps in this case being lots of stumbling toddlers. One particularly dribbly little boy keep flanking me from the right and taking big swipes to try and get the flower. His drool reached his shoes. When approached by other children at playgroup, the ettiequte seems to be to smile and coo at the child, and then grin at the mum to make her feel proud. So I promptly followed suit with this ettiequte, when in reality I wanted to spin him around and set his dribble trail in the opposite direction away from me. I looked down at little Phoenix smiling at the curtains like they were the best thing he’d ever seen, and gave a little sigh that this phase will soon come to an end.

Has anyone else had this growth phobias? And can someone just tell me how amazing it will be when he grows up please (feel free to lie).

p.s – note big patch of puke on my jeans on pic below…maybe drool won’t be so bad afterall!

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6 thoughts on “Toddler-phobic!

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  2. Tracey says:

    Hi Em! If it’s any consolation I would have exactly the same reaction to a dribbling toddler! And I don’t ever remember Tom dribbling, so don’t fear – this isn’t some kind of inevitable horror. I had to smile about the references to scarves etc – as much as I enjoyed those occasions of shared motherhood and circumstance (I think these classes are as much for mum as baby) there did seem to be an amount of sifting required to identify any fab new friends who you really felt a click with (though I did find a few and we are still friends now!) Its trial and error for sure, but great to be out there checking out whats happening. Finally, I promise that every baby stage when it arrives feels like the best one yet. It blows your mind 🙂 Loving reading the posts, 10 years ago for me, but brings it all right back and makes me smile. Especially Phoenix’s gorgeous baby clobber – glad Tom doesn’t have any memories about what I put him in! x

  3. Josefine says:

    Hi, this is my first visit on your blog and I love what I’m reading!

    My little one is almost 7 months now and it’s just amazing how quickly it’s gone, but at the same time I can barely remember William being tiny. William is a great drooler, everything goes in his mouth, he gets really frustrated because he wants to be able to get about by himself and he wants to play with absolutely EVERYTHING around him!! But he is so cool, he is such hard work but every second is worth it.. I love the fact that he loves playing ‘peek-a-boo’ in his cot in the morning (I hide behind his cot bumper and he lifts it up and laughs his head off), I love the fact that he is super ticklish. I know tiny babies are super cute but at 7 months they are able to give you something back for all your hard work! x

  4. caron andrews says:

    Hi Emma….i had a completely different train of thought and although i adored jamie as a baby i almost wished the baby years away..i struggled really until we could communicate properly and found those baby music making classes tediously boring quite frankly!!! Since we’ve been able to communicate i have loved every minute and am often heard saying that if i could birth to a 2year old i would happily have a handful!! .Jamie is 5 now and every day he makes me laugh out loud…today he told me that school was boring because the teacher made them all sing incy wincy spider..She then asked what Jamie would like to sing and he said..’ I like the Offspring and Linkin park’.She is a typical old fashioned boffiny teacher and i can just picture her face of confusion!! …..Trust me Emma,the best years are to come..keep up the blog,it’s great!!! xx

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