The Tesco challenge

Tesco with a small baby = hell on Earth. The whole experience was a bit like a task on the Crystal Maze – you must complete a really stressful, impossible challenge and if you don’t do it in a certain time limit then you are doomed. It all started off quite well as we managed to quickly discover where a baby goes when you shop, but it went downhill from there. There are a few options for ‘storing’ your baby when supermarket shopping, I have noted them as follows:

1) Take the pram – good for sleeping babies, but logistically not really practical with trolley or basket

2) Put car seat on trolley – I think this is a good option as you don’t have to disturb them from the car trip, but I wasn’t too sure how you get the seat to stay on top of the trolley without it falling off? Other shoppers do this well, so next time I’ll have a closer look how they fit the seat on the trolley

3) Use a special trolley with baby seat – a nice idea, but from Phoenix’s reaction these seats are like relaxing on a hard, cold stone

4) Take your baby sling/carrier – again good for sleeping and relaxing baby, but I think it does require Dad on hand to carry baby in order to concentrate on shopping

We went for a mixture of of 3 and 4. We started off well with the trolley/baby seat contraption, and Phoenix was quite happily interested in the supermarket spotlights. But pretty soon into the shop, he started shuffling around and looked really uncomfortable in the seat. I think he was maybe a bit too small for it and he is also used to travelling in the comfort of his luxury pram. He wasn’t having any of it. After several attempts of waving baby toys in front of his face in the baby aisle, I sent Ben back to the car to get the baby carrier. In the meantime I wandered the aisles with Phoenix screaming and getting more and more worked up. Obviously every single aisle was full with happy contented babies loving their trolley trip. After a bit more whinging, Phoenix was happy being strapped to Ben’s chest and started to drift off, so we spilt up and attempted to get the shopping done as quickly as possible. With all the faffing around switching transit tactics, feeding time was now getting closer and closer. As a result, I literally ran around Tesco like I was competing on supermarket sweep, and when I got back home I could tell by my purchases that I wasn’t fully concentrating – I wonder how long it will take me to get through 9 tins of lychees? Who buys 9 of anything?

During this frantic shopping behaviour, I had a moment of sheer panic when my baby brain caused me to completely forget about the transfer of Phoenix from trolley to baby harness. When I glanced at the empty trolley seat, I totally panicked at the lack of baby there! I thought I’d left Phoenix in the fruit and veg section, and my heart literally skipped a beat. Fortunately Ben appeared with a now fully zonked Phoenix, and loaded the trolley with an array of overpriced items.

So will I be continuing with regular shopping trips with Phoenix? Erm, no, and I will not be attempting this on my own for a long while yet. Ben has been assigned as chief shopping go-getter, so it looks like we’ll be eating like Kings for next 6 months and be bankrupt by the end of the end of the year 😉

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One thought on “The Tesco challenge

  1. Sarah says:

    This is what was made for – surely?!
    Love that you thought you’d left him with the fruit and veg! I imagine him nestled among the brocolli Anne Geddes styley!

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