Poo, puke and pee

I have never in my whole life spent so much time talking, thinking and interacting with bodily fluids. First of all it was mine in action during labour and then discussed in great detail afterwards and now there’s Phoenix’s emissions to study and report back on. When you have a baby every medical person you come across will want to know about your babies’ poos, wees and puke, and once you’ve done a full-scale report including colour and texture they’ll then move onto wanting to know about yours too. My bowels have never had so much attention, I really hope they’re enjoying it.

Baby poo goes through a series of interesting and bizarre changes which I have observed as the following food cycle:

1) First poos (meconium) MARMITE

2) Early colostrum poos PESTO

3) Breastmilk poos CHICKEN KORMA

Phoenix has now successfully passed the poo cycle and is fully into chicken korma phase. He was weighed again yesterday and just after two days of more efficient and successful feeding he’s put on loads of weight and we’re right back on track. He’s definitely found the creamy goodness, yay! Ben handles a lot of the changing, he’s already a brilliant Daddy. I’m slightly confused about what happens when he goes back to work – when do I shower?! We have two changing stations set up in the flat which Ben has named ‘echo station’ (nursery/Empire Strikes Back) and ‘LV-426’ (bedroom/Aliens). He does however have one changing nemesis and can’t seem to open a pack of baby wipes. I’ve actually seen him trying to break into them from the sides like a chocolate bar. It’s very odd but he just does not seem to get the ‘front flap’ packaging which I would probably rate as one of the most efficient pack designs going. If I find another pack drying up I might put him on echo station and make him eat them.

My baby blues have been and gone, phew! They came to peak with a bit of mild trauma over the Denise storyline in Eastenders (wtf was that all about?!) but then swiftly went away. Plus we left the house yesterday afternoon which was great. It was a pretty major event – we walked around the block! I was quite shocked to find a fully functioning world out there; cars and buses and everything! It’s the first time I’ve been outside since getting out of hospital and we’ve been in such a ‘baby bubble’ it was a bit strange being back into the real world. Although we didn’t go far it was good confidence building and great to road test the pram! When we got back to the flat neither of us could work out how to collapse it again and we stood outside the front door for about 20 mins watching You Tube clips on our phones of pram demos to work it out! We’re going to go a bit further every day…might make the duck pond today, it’s quite a bit further, will let you know. If he starts crying I have visions of me panicking and jumping in with the ducks.

The pram is awesome! So smooth! I have become a real pram pushing mummy, wowzers. We’ve got a Stokke pram because it’s up high and tall so you can see the baby easily and he has a better view of the world. Also Ben is really tall and he looked a bit weird pushing the more traditional lower down prams! Prams are way expensive! My Dad bought us ours, but I don’t think he realised they’d gone up a bit since the last time he bought one…he’s still looking for the engine on ours.

Things are going good with the feeding routine now, we’re still struggling a bit with the evening feed which seems to go on and on forever but we have all the others nailed. The swaddling has also helped Phoenix stay asleep for longer, although he’s so strong he breaks free of it most the time and explodes out of it in a superhero style!

Think I’ve got better at the whole winding process too. It’s soooo satisfying when you get a little burp out – it’s a bit like when you get to an in growing hair or splinter, ahhhh feels good! Also when I sit him up to wind him he pulls this little face and crosses his legs and slumps over and reminds me of a baby kola bear, so cute! Check out his little hiccups video here on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150235427775072&ref=mf

A couple of my friends are coming over this evening and I’m going to have some real grown up wine. How very exciting! One glass will probably be enough to send me to sleep though 🙂



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