Due date came and went!

Well considering I was meant to be having a baby today I had a really busy day! I thought I’d try to keep busy and it might just happen so I ended up going all over the place, but still there’s been no sign of labour just yet.

I woke up this morning really hot, it’s so muggy at the moment. It’s so typical that the one summer where we have regular heat and sun is the one where I’m heavily pregnant and living in a gardenless flat! To all other preglets out there suffering with the heat, I really feel your pain! It’s tough, real tough! During one of those crazy hot weeks a while back I found myself wandering into the fancy David Lloyd gym in our area – I think I was attracted by the air con and thought of water. When the guy showed me the outdoor pool I genuinely thought it was some kind of mirage. I was so hot and flustered at the time, through my eyes, the swimmers just looked so happy and content in their coolness. In my heat delirium, they moved in slow motion smiling, frolicking and flicking tiny cold water droplets towards my puffy, hot kanckles. It was all too much to handle and before I knew it, I was signing up to be a member and wallowing in the pool like a giant whale. I know joining a fancy gym isn’t the normal behaviour for a woman who’s just gone on maternity leave and is about to give birth, but I haven’t looked back since. This pool has literally saved me on hot days. Plus, I realised I was able to get off-peak membership as I’m not at work – I’ve always belonged to a gym and always wondered who the heck has off-peak membership and now I’m one of those people. Also this gym has a massive kids building and runs all those weird and slightly cringey classes like buggy fitness and baby yoga so I’ll look forward to reporting back on those soon!

So first thing this morning I headed to the pool. I was only able to do a few lengths, although I guess I am supposed to be birthing today so that could be why. It was really refreshing after a really bad nights’ sleep last night. It’s probably the worst night I’ve had yet. I couldn’t sleep at all due to stomach tightenings and general inability to get myself into any kind of comfortable sleeping position. Also the inside of my mouth totally swelled up, it was gross and I kept biting my cheeks like some kind of hamster on drugs. So when I got back from the pool I managed to get myself an emergency dentist appointment. By this point I’d totally convinced myself I had some horrific gum disease that I was going to pass onto the baby that had to be dealt with immediately and in a panic-stricken style I voiced these concerns to the surgery receptionist who managed to squeeze me in. Therefore it was a bit embarrassing to discover that it was just an inflamed wisdom tooth. Also, as if to layer on the embarrassment, the dentist told me my teeth and gums were amazing for a pregnant lady and the best he’d seen for some time (apparently when you’re pregnant your mouth can get a bit gross). He sent me off with some mouth wash.

On the way home we stopped off and saw Toy Story 3 in 3D (cinema air con, another great place to be in the heat). Surely this visual stimulation would be a great reason for the little one to show his face into this world? Alas no. What did happen was that I forgot I wasn’t meant to eat after the mouth wash, ate some chocolate and my teeth went a weird colour. Lovely. The film was awesome though, I LOVE Barbie and Ken! In the film and just generally in real life too.

After the film I decided to go for another long walk to try to get the baby on the go. I walked around our local playing field listening to Guns N Roses really loud. Ben went for a run and was kind of running around me in large figure of eights so as not to go too far away…in hindsight this must have looked quite strange, a large pregnant woman rocking out with a guy sprinting towards her then jogging away again. I started to get quite a few little contractions and thought it was working but since arriving back at the flat there is definitely no action yet. Although, we do have this evening…. He may still be on time yet!

Night night,

Ems x

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4 thoughts on “Due date came and went!

  1. Kate says:

    Em…exciting times! Beautifully written. Thinking of you! x x x

  2. Harry says:

    Em you crack me up! I can’t believe he’s not here yet.. I don’t think your bump could physically get any bigger or you’d topple over 🙂 Love reading your posts, keep it up and hope he comes soon xx

  3. Ben says:

    These late stages have been fantastic! I’ve gotten to see all of these great films! Eclipse, Inception, Toy Story 3… If I can squeeze in Predators before he arrives I’ll be stoked!

  4. nanna says:

    As I sit & read my baby’s blog, I am wondering how on earth we got to the point of you becoming a mum imminently & making me a nanna! One minute you were playing with glitter & glue & then you were travelling the world, falling in love, living in Oz, coming home, building a career, becoming pregnant & getting married!
    You keep on my toes Em & as I’m sure he will you too! Just one little reminder – you were 12 days late! C’mon little fella – we’re all waiting to meet you! x x

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