Due date looms

Tomorrow is my due date. This date his been imprinted on my mind for so many months I can’t believe that it’s actually here. It will be weird if it comes and goes with no baby action. I’m kind of treating it like ordering something for Amazon, like maybe I’ll wake up and he’ll just be in the front room chilling out watching CBeebies…I wish! So I’m pumping down the raspberry leaf tea and going for walks to try to get him at least thinking about moving.

I do feel like my body is gearing up for labour though so I hope I’m not going to get into the overdue stages too far. I’ve noticed a few things happening which I’ll share if this isn’t going too far… last night my body decided to completely empty itself,  I’m not entirely sure if I still have all my organs in there. Apparently this can happen before labour to make more room for the baby on his way out and prepare for pushing. Clever, but gross. In fact that’s how I’d describe most of the things that happen to your body during pregnancy, clever, but gross. I also had quite a lot of mini contractions through the night which were more annoying than painful but between the trips to loo really made for a well-rounded night of non-sleep! People call these twinges Braxton Hicks but I hate that term – it’s so random, what does it mean?!

I can also see that the baby has dropped quite a lot over the last couple of days, which has freed up some lovely space for my lungs, ahhhhh air!  The bump is now hanging down a bit over my knicker-line like some kind of iron beer belly. This has made walking quite a challenge. When I walk for a few mins I get this urge to open my legs as wide as I can and stride along like a cow-boy that’s wet himself. It’s an interesting sight.

I’m off to see the midwife today so maybe she’ll be able to confirm if all these signs mean that something is going to happen soon, although no ever really knows. To be honest I’m not very good at interacting with medical people, I find the whole thing like some uncomfortable performance. I get really shy and I always think that I’m wasting their time. Also my midwife is completely bananas, she reminds me of an out of work kids TV presenter who still thinks she’s got it. During my last four appointments with her we’ve had the same conversation over and over while she pokes around at my belly. The conversation starts with her recalling that I was away for a long holiday earlier this year which I then politely tell her again was my honeymoon. She then asks me the route we took around California and proceeds to highlight which places she’s been to and which were her favourites. The first couple of times were fine but every time she brings it up she says it like I’ve just got back – she can’t honestly think I’ve been trekking around the states at 9 months pregnant can she? I’m fairly sure she’s not counting down her patient list in desperation to have this conversation every time she sees my name on her register so I’ve therefore concluded that she has one of those memory wiping machines they use in Men In Black that she shoves in front of her eyes every time I exit the surgery.

The other thing I’m not good at is asking questions. Given that having a baby is the biggest thing you can probably ever do in life you’d think I’d have loads of things to ask, but I just don’t. I see some women go in for their check-ups and they take ages in there, emerging all smiles and laughs with the nutty midwife who’s now their ‘bezza’ mate because she answered all their sensible questions. But my mind just goes blank every time I sit in that bloody room. In fact when I first found out I was pregnant and went to the doctors and they challenged me with the dreaded ‘do YOU have any questions Emma?’ the only things I could think to ask were ‘can I still get my hair highlighted’ and ‘would you mind if I drink some champagne on my wedding day’… Great priorities.

I’m not feeling too anxious about labour just yet and the reason I don’t have so many questions and fears is because a long time a go I just embraced the fact that it’s going to happen, it’s going to hurt, but it’s going to be amazing. Besides from that I’ll just deal with things as and when they happen. I’ve been to the classes, I’ve googled a few things, and I’ve watched the ‘One Born Every Minute’ documentary series, what more is there to know?! I’ll let you know when it happens….!

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Ems x

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3 thoughts on “Due date looms

  1. Sarah says:

    In answer to your question about Braxton Hicks – found this on wikipedia:
    Braxton Hicks are named after the English doctor who first described them. In 1872, John Braxton Hicks investigated the later stages of pregnancy and noted that many women felt contractions without being near birth. This process was usually painless but caused women confusion as to whether or not they were going into actual labour. It has since been found that Braxton Hicks’ contractions are much less noticeable during exercise, whereas real contractions are not.

  2. Marnie says:

    Loving it Ems…
    Making me giggle and run to the loo. Was gonna ask will it ever stop… but from your recent post- guess it won’txxxxxx

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