An exciting delivery!

Hmmm sorry if that title was a bit misleading still no baby here. However, I was awoken this morning by a delivery of this futuristic egg-shaped highchair! It was a present from Ben’s brother and his partner (thanks guys!) and it’s totally awesome! It’s amazing all the cool baby stuff you can get these days – not sure why I wrote that like I’ve previously had a baby in the 60’s (I haven’t), but compared to what I’ve seen myself wearing and travelling in when I was a baby, things have definitely come on.

This chair can be a cradle for newborns so he has somewhere to safe to sit when I’m doing stuff or answering the door. This is a big comfort to me as we have stairs of death in our flat and I can’t be running up and down there with him as I am really clumsy! The chair is made by this company called Bloom. To be honest I’m a bit obsessed with their stuff, we also have the rocker as you can see in the pic and we’re saving for the cot too. They must be a Scando company or something as everything they make looks like a piece of art. All of the cool baby stuff seems to come from that part of Europe. I love it when baby products convert into other things as kids grow up, kind of like Transformers minus the cool sound effects. This egg chair thing turns into a high chair whenever it is that babies can sit up and start eating – I’ll let you know when that happens! Even though I studied marketing and I know that companies design things like this to help you to justify spending more money than you normally would, I’m really, really happy to allow myself to make such justifications! It makes me feel better, especially when you also throw in ‘and we’ll use this for a second child too’ – before you know it, it’s practically a bargain and you’d be an idiot not to invest.

Ben had the day off today so he was able to construct the chair when it arrived. It came with a really handy DVD to show you exactly how to use it but for some reason he refused to put this on and sat with a frown on his face for about 30 mins surrounded by bits of metal and plastic. After I finally convinced him to put on the DVD, it was up and running in about 3 seconds. What is it with men and instructions?! So weird! It’s like using them is some kind of sign of weakness!

Anyway, back to buying baby stuff. Another thing people will tell you a lot when you’re having your first baby and you’re in full on shopping mode is this following piece of annoying and obvious advice: “Ooo they grow out of stuff so quickly”. Arggghhhh! It’s quite strange how people think you don’t realise this, I mean I’m sure you do notice it a lot more when you have your own baby growing in front of your eyes, but I always thought that was the general thing about having kids, that they grow all the time, it seems fairly obvious? These people especially like to tell you this A LOT in relation to buying clothes for your impending new bundle of joy. So my first tip that I’m laying down in this blog is this – do NOT let these people spoil your fun! By the time you have a second child I’m sure you’ll be a lot more sensible and rational but for your first baby, during your first experience of being pregnant, surely gathering a collection of ridiculously cute baby outfits is one of THE most fun parts of the whole experience?! Plus you have 9 months of pregnancy so you can really spread out the purchases – there goes my old friend justification again, isn’t he great! I don’t really feel like I’ve spent loads of ££ on baby clothes but when I look in his cupboard the shelves are bursting with gorgeousness that I can’t wait to get him in 🙂 And yes I know that he’ll poo and puke in them (another thing those helpful advisers will tell you) but damn it he’ll be so cute I’ll want to eat him.

Also, on the contrary to those kill joys who’ll put you off buying the stuff you really want, I actually think the fact that babies grow is an advantage as it means you can always find something in the sale despite the size or season as you can buy in advance! I’ve bought most of our cool baby togs from online sales because I just don’t think the baby clothes in UK high streets are that fun. I’m not really into wishy-washy styles but really love fun, bold styles, and there’s not much of that out there, but there are some awesome things online.  It’s taken me quite a while to find all the sites where all the cool baby stuff is hiding so I thought I’d list a few of my faves there, loads of them have really good sales and if you register with them too then they send you discount codes….sweet!

Before I sign off for the evening I have to write about something that happened in Tesco yesterday. Whilst browsing the lingerie section looking for some massive post-labour pants (glamorous, I know) I saw this woman do a double take on me. That’s not really that uncommon when you’re at this stage as people think you’re about to go into labour any second, but she then stopped me and said the following words of beauty:

“Can I just say you look amazing. Pregnancy really suits you. You look wonderful, that’s why I had to look at you twice. Good luck”

Now I can’t be sure, but I think what I feel for this woman is actual, genuine love. Never has one been so emotional clutching a massive pair of pants upstairs in Tesco. It made me a little bit sad that I wasn’t going to be pregnant for much longer, it really is an amazing state to be in. Having a bump also makes you interact more with the public, I guess it’s a talking point and something, especially women, can empathise and reminisce about. So lady in Tesco, if you’re out there, I salute you – a pregnant, hormonal woman couldn’t ask for anything more delightful to happen during a supermarket shopping trip and I hope others are inspired to do the same for other preglets out there too.

Following this interaction, I then I set off to complete the actual shop, and after 15 mins wandering the aisles I broke into a painful waddle and couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than not be pregnant…however lovely!

Happy friday! Hope this weekend brings me a baby!

Ems x

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4 thoughts on “An exciting delivery!

  1. Johanna says:

    Yea, I fully agree with you. The bump is the best accessory!

  2. Joanna says:

    Oh Ems you DO look beautiful! Keep blogging, it’s bloody brilliant stuff… you are making me WANT ONE! 🙂 speak soon xxxxx

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