5 days and counting

I am massive. There’s no other word for it. Yesterday I went swimming and in the changing room a woman actually did an intake of breath when she clocked my bump. Plus a lady in Morrisson’s actually commented on my swollen ankles like I was unaware of my own feet. It seems it’s not just me who’s wondering when this baby will pop out.

The first 8 months of my pregnancy whizzed by. With a wedding to plan back in April and a busy job, Ben and I barely had time to take on board our impending parental role. But the last 4 weeks has really dragged. Literally dragged, due to my inability to manoeuver myself without impersonating a sloth. I’ve only been off work since last week and I’m already going a little bit stir crazy. Waiting to go into labour is truly a bizarre experience. Every little twinge, every trip to the loo, every slight physical change turns me into some kind of ‘labour detective’ wondering if I’m missing signs and if I should ‘do something’. Yesterday I did a quiz on the internet which told me I was in labour. That was a confusing 10 mins. Seems like the quiz was wrong and I’ve just got to wait for real signs like normal people…

During this phase of waiting everyone who’s ever had a baby will say to you ‘enjoy this rest while you can, you won’t get any for a while’. And if you’re really lucky they’ll say it in an almost threatening tone with a hint of patronisation. I’m sure this is true advice and no doubt I’ll be making the same comment in years to come (cringe) but it’s these kinds of comments that really get on my tits. I mean pregnancy lasts for 9 months – that’s nearly a year! I struggle to wait for Christmas to come round every year, let alone the birth of an actual human that I’ve grown inside myself! So I say it’s fine to be an eager beaver, it’s fine to not be enjoying day time TVas much as you’d hoped, and it’s more than ok to be desperate to swap the random strolls round Mothercare for actual time with your new baby.

Hmmmm I was really going to try not to rant on the first post, must be the hormones.

Peace out,

Ems x

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6 thoughts on “5 days and counting

  1. Darren says:

    Hey Ems. Good first post… I will be following little Aragorn’s progress in your Womb.

  2. Sarah says:

    I bet you’re really fed up with all of us who are so excited to meet the little fella that we’re badgering Ben 24/7 when he’s in the office!

  3. Joanna says:

    I love it Ems! Very funny!

  4. Tracey says:

    Hi, love the blog! Now I’ve explained the meaning of blog to your dad, I am hoping he’ll read it regularly too 🙂 Kinda like a mummy take on Bridget Jones lol – weird though cos I am learning stuff too, and I’m not sure I’m meant to be: Tom is 10 now for goodness-sake! I’ve emailed the link to a few pregnant friends – give them something to do while they’re NOT out getting smashed like they used to on a Friday night! xx

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